What Are The Conflicts and Emotional Stages of Divorce?

Posted on May 01, 2020

There is no denying that divorce is hard on everyone involved. This is the case whether the two spouses have maintained an amicable relationship or not. Much like other types of grief, there are emotional stages of divorce that you need to be aware of. At the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi, we are here not only to help you get through the legal process of divorce but also to help you process the emotions you are going through. Here, our Thousand Oaks divorce attorney discusses the emotional stages of divorce.

The conflict and emotional stages of a divorce

Many people may be familiar with the steps presented here, as they mirror the general stages of grief. However, these will include divorce specific examples.

  1. Denial: Many people who are going through a divorce find it difficult to accept that they are actually going through a separation. While this can be particularly true for the party that did not ask for or want a divorce, this can also be the case for the party who wants the divorce. This stage will send a person into a whirlwind of emotions that can prevent them from accepting the truth. This is the stage where people believe there is something they can do to get back with their partners.
  2. Shock/Anger: We need to be honest and say that anger is going to be an emotion experienced by all parties during the course of a divorce. This stage can be filled with blame and rage, and lead to a person dissecting every event of their marriage. At this point, you need to be patient with yourself and even encourage your spouse to do the same. Hostile parties in a divorce often make bad decisions during this stage.
  3. Bargaining: Sometimes, people are still hopeful their marriage will work out. One spouse may be willing to do something to change themselves and try to find a way to work out any differences they have with the spouse. In some cases, one spouse may take drastic measures to get the other spouse to change their mind. At this point, both parties need to realize that they cannot change the feelings of others.
  4. Depression: This stage is often considered the longest phase of the divorce process and can be the most difficult. All of the previous emotions come crashing down as the reality of the situation becomes more clear – that this is likely never going to work out. This stage can be overwhelming and is often debilitating.
  5. Acceptance: This is when a person finally begins to feel at peace with what has happened. They understand that the divorce is a done deal, that there is no way to go back. Yes, there may still be some negative emotions, but a spouse will no longer be consumed by their feeling. People in the acceptance will begin to get back to a routine and begin a new chapter.

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