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Are You Thinking of Divorce? Let Us Help You Understand Your Options

The end of a marriage is one of the most difficult personal circumstances many people will ever face. During this time, as you deal with the emotions and caring for your children, it is important that you have representation on your side that you trust to protect your interests and the best interests of your children.

At the Ventura County Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi, we have spent more than a decade guiding families as they file for divorce. Westlake Village divorce attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi is a certified family law professional, equipped with the experience and legal understanding to deliver results that protect your future and that of your children. Learn more about your options by contacting the firm online today.

Advocates for the Best Interests of the Children

Custody, visitation and child support are the most emotionally charged and highly contested elements of divorce. We provide sound legal guidance and perspective through these negotiations, focused on preserving the relationship that you have with your children while fighting to protect the children’s best interests.

We will also help you understand the parenting plan and custody options available if you are seeking to live or move farther away from your former spouse or outside of Ventura County.

Westlake Village Spousal Support and Divorce Planning

Our Westlake Village divorce attorneys and legal staff offer a clear explanation of any spousal support that may be required, whether temporary or permanent. The court will consider petitions for spousal support based on the duration of the marriage, sacrifices made by either spouse, age, health, contributions to the marriage, employment, earning capacity and financial needs.

Health Insurance and Benefits

One of the greatest concerns for many couples is how a divorce will affect their health insurance and other benefits. The spouse who has been added to the health plan can be covered during the divorce process until the entry of the judgment. After this time, he or she can no longer be covered by the former spouse’s insurance and will need to seek their own insurance.

The children however, can still be covered. Some couples choose instead to do a legal separation to avoid this termination in benefits. We will provide you with a clear understanding of all of your options.

Division of Property and Debt

California is a community property state, meaning that all assets acquired and debt incurred between the date of the marriage and the date of separation will be divided equally between the couple during a divorce. Our Westlake Village family law firm works with skilled financial professionals and accountants to provide accurate totals leading toward a resolution that protects your financial future and the next chapter of your life.

When to Contact a Westlake Village Divorce Attorney

It’s generally a good idea to contact a divorce attorney as soon as you decide that you want to end your marriage. An attorney can advise you on the legal process and the options available to you, such as mediation or litigation. They can also help you to understand the potential financial and custodial consequences of a divorce, and can assist you in negotiating a settlement agreement or representing you in court.
Additionally, it’s also advisable to contact a divorce attorney if you suspect your spouse is preparing to file for divorce, or if they have already filed and you are not prepared to respond.

How to Prepare for Your First Meeting With a Westlake Village Divorce Lawyer

As you prepare for your initial meeting with a Westlake Village divorce attorney, try to take as many of the following steps as possible:

  • Gather important documents: Before your first meeting with a divorce lawyer, gather all relevant documents such as marriage certificates, prenuptial agreements, financial records (e.g. bank statements, tax returns, pay stubs), and any other documents that may be relevant to your case (e.g. a custody agreement).
  • Make a list of questions: Prepare a list of questions you want to ask your lawyer during the first meeting. This can include questions about the process, the lawyer’s experience, and any concerns you have about the case.
  • Be honest: Be honest with your lawyer about your situation and any concerns you have. This will help your lawyer to better understand your case and provide you with the best possible advice.
  • Be prepared to discuss finances: Your lawyer will likely ask about your financial situation during the first meeting. Be prepared to discuss your income, expenses, assets, and debts.
  • Consider your goals: Before the first meeting, think about what you want to accomplish with the divorce. This can include things like custody arrangements, property division, and alimony.

Mistakes to Avoid When Going Through a Divorce

Although going through a divorce can be a challenging experience, it’s important to avoid making certain errors that can complicate an already complicated situation. They include:

  • Not keeping emotions in check: Divorce can be a very emotional and stressful experience. It’s important to try to keep your emotions in check and avoid making any impulsive or hasty decisions.
  • Not being realistic: It’s important to have realistic expectations about the divorce process and the outcome. Your lawyer can help you to understand what is likely to happen and what is possible, but it’s important to remember that the court’s decision may not be exactly what you want.
  • Not considering the long-term: Divorce can have long-term consequences, such as affecting your credit score, your ability to buy a house, and your relationship with your children. It’s important to keep these long-term consequences in mind when making decisions about the divorce.

One of the best ways to avoid making certain common mistakes during the divorce process is to heed the advice of your lawyer. They will help you take productive steps towards positive outcomes.

Having the right divorce attorney on your side can often make the difference between maintaining or losing the rights to your assets, property and custody of your children. To schedule a consultation to discuss your divorce options, please contact our law offices today at 805-379-4550.

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