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Do You Need to Revisit Your Divorce Agreement?

It’s not uncommon for a divorce agreement to change in the years after it has been finalized by the family law court in California. That’s why you should consult with an experienced Westlake Village divorce modifications attorney from the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi about the changes you wish to make to the agreement. Call our office today at 805-379-4550 to schedule a consultation with a member of our team.

What Can be Modified in a Divorce Agreement?

There are multiple areas of a divorce agreement that can legally be modified in the years following the divorce being finalized by the court. Those areas include the following:

  • Spousal support: If you or both of you have experienced major changes in circumstances that impact your income, you can have a spousal support order modified. Significant changes include loss of a job, a promotion, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or an increase in financial need.
  • Child support: If one of the parents has a significant change in lifestyle, income, or assets, the court is likely to grant a requested change in the child support order. The request can be to increase or decrease the payment amount.
  • Child custody: If a parent has asked to relocate with their child, the court can issue a change to the child custody order. If one parent with less parenting time wants to increase their court-allotted, this can also be requested of and granted by the court.

Assets Can be Modified

In the most extreme circumstances, assets can be modified in a divorce agreement after it has been issued by the court. However, there must have been fraud committed by one of the spouses when the disclosure of assets portion of the divorce process was taking place. The court can grant that the assets are distributed more in favor of the former spouse who was the victim of fraud if that is the case.

Other Reasons for a Divorce Modification

There are other reasons why a court might grant the modification of a divorce agreement and they include the following:

  • You lost a job or earned a promotion that affects your income
  • One former spouse suffered a serious illness or injury
  • One former spouse has begun exhibiting signs of drug abuse, domestic violence, or child neglect
  • One former parent has been arrested
  • One former spouse has remarried
  • One parent needs to relocate

There might be other circumstances that could lead to the modification of a divorce agreement in California. If you have questions, be sure to speak with a Westlake Village divorce modifications lawyer.

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Do you want to make changes to your divorce agreement? Has your former spouse requested changes to the agreement? If so, it’s time to speak with an experienced Westlake Village divorce modifications attorney about the changes you need to make. Call the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi at 805-379-4550, or complete the contact form on our website to schedule a consultation today.

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