5 Tips In High Asset Divorce

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Getting a divorce is hard. Emotionally the tolls of divorce can leave you sleepless and worried about what your new future will look like. Even if the divorce is wanted, it is still an emotional roller coaster. Even though more than 40% of marriages end in divorce, your divorce will be so unique and different than anyone else’s. Our Westlake Village high asset divorce attorney at Law Offices of Stephanie Mahdavi want you to know that different and unique are okay. It is okay to have an amicable divorce. It is okay to have a messy divorce. It is okay to have a low asset divorce and it is definitely okay to have a high asset divorce.

Sorting Through Assets

Divorce is more than just ending the emotional relationship. Marriage is a contract and that contract covers finances, trusts, assets, and other properties and titles. We all know that things carry meaning. No matter how angry or docile you are with your divorce, things carry meaning and when you have a lot of things it can be tricky to decipher what you want and don’t want. This is why it is important for you to hire a team of specialized attorneys who work specifically with high asset divorce like those of us at Westlake Village Law Offices of Stephanie Mahdavi. Here are 5 tips we can give you about your high asset divorce:

  1. Find ALL the assets: Getting a divorce doesn’t just happen overnight. Typically you or your spouse have discussed or saw it coming. Not all spouses are honest and some may try to hide certain assets from you or try to legally push you away from them. Finding ALL the assets is important because you were a team and you deserve to pick through all of them.
  2. Keep it private: If you are in a high asset divorce, more than likely your name is associated with the community. Keeping your business private not only keeps your sanity but prevents questions from nosey neighbors.
  3. Guilt Trip: Whatever reason for the divorce, you have the right to fight for assets that mean something to you. Don’t let guilt get in the way of your future happiness.
  4. Don’t Listen To Friends: To an extent, this is true. Your divorce is going to look different than anyone else’s. Don’t compare yours to anyone else’s because your situation is unique and so are your assets.
  5. Don’t Ignore Tax Stuff: Maybe you weren’t the bill payer in the household, but you should check in on taxes. Taxes affect alimony and assets. Make sure you and your attorney have a good sense of tax life after divorce to ensure you are making the right decision.

What To Do

High asset divorces are tedious and time-consuming. Don’t go through it alone. Our specially skilled attorneys are ready to help make this journey as personal and successful as possible. Call 805-379-4550 or click here for a consultation with our professional attorneys at the Westlake Village Law Offices of Stephanie Mahdavi today.

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