Domestic Violence Spikes During The Holidays

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The holiday festivities can get many into heated arguments that may lead to domestic violence. This is an especially hectic and stressful time for many families across Westlake Village. With visiting relatives, cooking, gift-buying and so many other responsibilities, it can be a tense time for everyone. It is common for spouses to get into heated exchanges during this time of the year, especially if the relationship has reached its expiration date.

Domestic violence experts say the increase of alcohol and other drugs in the holidays can also make people more violent. If you have experienced domestic violence, it is important that you and your family stay away from the abuser and find legal protection from a Westlake Village domestic violence attorney. Nobody should stay in an abusive relationship.

Some helpful tips

  • Put important numbers such as a local helpline, police number, family member, close friends or a co-worker’s on speed dial.
  • Download a safety app. These apps can alert your support network if you are in danger.
  • Keep your phone charged at all times.
  • Never be alone with the abuser, especially during the holidays. Being in the company will lower the risk of abuse.
  • Always keep in mind possible escape routes, especially if the abuser is under the influence. It may be the perfect time to escape with your kids.

Legal ways to protect yourself

Victims of domestic violence can file a lawsuit against the perpetrator in order to receive compensation for their injuries. They can also seek a protective order, which allows the parties to remain separate for a period of time sufficient to allow them to seek resolution of the causes of violent behavior. You can request an emergency protective order any time but it will only last for 7 days. In order to seek a more permanent order, you will have to file some documents in the family court with the help of a Westlake Village restraining order attorney.

Domestic violence and divorce

Divorce can be one of life’s most challenging life events but domestic abuse will definitely complicate the whole process unless an experienced family law attorney and other professionals in this field intervene. You can’t do this on your own. Remember domestic violence does not always involve physical abuse. Your attorney can take a closer look at your circumstances and determine whether you have a domestic violence case. You may have to answer a few open-ended questions to determine if you or your loved ones are at risk of some danger so it is important you provide honest answers and find ways to protect your family, especially if you have minor children. Removing yourself from this abusive environment is often the best course of action and the first step to physical and emotional recovery.

If you have suffered domestic violence during the holidays and would like to request a restraining order, call Westlake Village family law attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi and schedule your initial case assessment.

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