Going away for the holidays!

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The holidays can be a hectic and emotionally charged time for many divorcees, particularly those who have children. Some parents may want to spend the holidays away from family. While a holiday gateway is completely fine, make sure you notify your former spouse and create an amusing holiday visitation schedule with the help of a Westlake Village child visitation attorney.

The holiday season can be challenging for parents who recently went through a divorce. Many unwanted emotions can rise to the surface. It can be terrifying to think about how you will spend the holidays alone. Perhaps you need a break from everything. Some time to embrace change and adapt to your new circumstances. A holiday escape can be a good thing for everyone. You can bring your children with you or spend a few days alone. When you focus on the future rather than dwelling on past mistakes, you make room for good things in your life. In other words, indulge yourself a little and visit the places you enjoy.

Talking to your children

Remember your children need time to adjust too. Listen to what they have to say. Their emotions are important and they should be allowed to express them constructively. Some children will act like everything is okay but perhaps they are suppressing their emotions to make you happy. Ask them questions and reassure them that it is fine to express their feelings, even when they are feeling sad. Be a good listener rather than judgemental.

It is also important to encourage your children to celebrate the holidays with joy and excitement in their hearts. Even if you create new traditions or introduce new experiences, you should create happy memories and never allow the holidays to lose its magic. You can connect with the past while also embracing the future. Finding new outlets for amusement can be a rewarding and refreshing experience.

Plan ahead

Traveling with your kids is always fun. Do you remember the time when you went on vacation with your parents? It was truly special. But it takes time to plan the magic. If you are wanting to take your kids on a trip, review your custody order and make sure everything is planned accordingly. As long as you plan the trip within your visitation schedule, you should be fine. However, if you want to travel during your ex’s scheduled visitation time, you should discuss it with your former spouse before making any plans. If your co-parent is unwilling to negotiate, it is best you postpone your getaway for a more suitable season.

Travel security

While traveling with kids is very common, you should be extra cautious. If this is the first time your kids will be flying, make sure they know what to expect. Before packing, make sure you call your airline and ask about the number of bags you can carry. Just have fun this holiday season and call us if you need help with your visitation schedule.

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