How to Protect Your Assets in a Divorce?

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You took the plunge again.  After your first marriage ended, you thought this time will be different.  After all, you know more about what you want, and more importantly, what you don’t want, in a partner.  Wiser and more confident, you stepped up to the altar and took those vows again.

Except now, things have fallen apart.  Amid a second divorce, you may have questions about protecting the assets you acquired from the first marriage.  At the Law Offices of Stephanie Mahdavi, we understand the impact divorce has on complicated assets.  You need an attorney to represent your best interests.  If you or someone you know needs a divorce attorney in Westlake Village, California, contact the Law Offices of Stephanie Mahdavi today.  Protect yourself and the life you’ve built.

How a No-Fault State Affects a High Asset Divorce?

California is a no-fault state and will divide the marital estate equally.  The marital estate is comprised of property, which can be anything that can be bought or sold.  Legally, the property is:

  • The house you share, any vacation homes, timeshares, or land
  • Everything within the house, including furniture, designer clothes, handbags, and antiques
  • All cars, boats, motorcycles, and other motorized vehicles
  • All bank accounts and safety deposit boxes
  • Pension plans, 401(k) plans, Life insurance, stocks, and bonds
  • Any businesses or patents

During a high asset divorce, the equitable division can get complicated.  If you have assets from a previous marriage or an inheritance, you may wonder how you can protect yourself and safeguard your future.  Contacting the highly sought divorce attorneys at the Law Offices of Stephanie Mahdavi will protect you and your assets.  We will help resolve the divorce proceedings with your livelihood intact.

How Do you Prove the Assets are Separate from Your Shared Assets?

If the marriage is over, it’s time to consider your exit strategy.  Per California law, the marital estate will be divided equally.  If you have assets before the marriage, either from inheritance or a previous marriage, the division of the marital estate can be categorized as communal property and separate property.  To claim your assets are separate from the marital estate, you will need documentation.

  • The burden of proof falls on you to secure your assets.  Suppose you cannot prove the assets were from the previous marriage or otherwise acquired before your recent marriage.  In that case, they will be considered a part of the marital estate and divided equally.
  • If the proof isn’t easily obtained, a tracing expert may need to be brought in to forensically detail when and how the asset was acquired.

Don’t allow yourself to lose your assets to the communal pot.  Protect yourself and call us today.

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