Making a divorce child-friendly

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For many California parents, going through the divorce process can be difficult especially if they are no longer able to work together. However, it is imperative that, no matter how the parents feel about their upcoming divorce, they do what is best for their children.

Choosing the right time to start the divorce process is crucial. Many parents file for divorce in March as they believe it is the least disruptive time. However, it may actually be more beneficial to divorce during the summer since the kids are not in school and can spend time adjusting to a new lifestyle. The timing of divorce can also depend on the age of the children and other circumstances, including whether or not the parents can continue living under one roof.

Another way to make the upcoming divorce easier for the children is to stop fighting. Although this can be difficult, studies show that the fighting can make it more difficult for the kids to transition and can affect them for years to come. Parents should agree not to argue in front of the children and to avoid talking badly about the other parent with the children present.

Coming to agreements involving child custody issues can be difficult for parents. However, a family law attorney may sometimes assist a client in negotiating a parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children. When negotiations prove fruitless, however, an attorney might suggest mediation as a less-stressful alternative to litigation, which can sometimes be damaging to the children when they see their parents as adversaries.

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