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The end of your marriage doesn’t necessarily mean your spouse will stop supporting you financially. When one of the spouses is more financially stable than the other, the less well-off spouse may receive alimony. Spousal support helps the beneficiary reach financial independence. However, this help is only available if you were legally married. Some other factors such as the length of the marriage, earning capacity, and financial contributions are also used when determining the amount of alimony the recipient will receive. Spousal support is paid on a temporary basis, permanent basis or lump sum. You’re Westlake Village spousal support attorney will take a look at your circumstances and determine how much the recipient will need and how long support is needed.

Your options

  • Rehabilitative alimony – This support is granted on a temporary basis. It allows recipients time to find a job and get back on their feet. It’s very common seeing stay-at-home moms receiving this category of spousal support. The court may continue the support due to hardships.
  • Lump-sum spousal support – This is a fixed amount, notwithstanding the circumstances surrounding the divorce. It covers the total amount of future payments.
  • Permanent alimony – This category of spousal support is provided on a permanent basis. The courts may suspend support if the recipient is receiving support from a third party.

Permanent spousal support can be modified if the recipient’s circumstances have significantly changed. For example, perhaps the recipient found a new job that pays more, received an inheritance, won the lottery, and so on. Some situations involve medical expenses, reduction of income, retirement, and any other circumstances that prove the recipient may qualify for more spousal support. Your Westlake Village spousal support attorney can take a look at your situation, including changes in circumstances, to determine if you can request an increase or reduce spousal support payments. Marital property may also be awarded as compensation in some cases.

Separation and divorce

A recipient may receive temporary alimony during separation until the divorce is final. A written temporary agreement is needed but it doesn’t need to be filed in court. Temporary alimony can be modified or adapted to new circumstances. If the agreement was not taken to court, the couple can set up the payment plan themselves. However, if the agreement was filed in court, the judge needs to first approve the changes.

Hire an experienced family law attorney

Spousal support cases can be very complex. In order to better understand your options, you should discuss your case with an experienced family law attorney. Whether you are looking to receive or provide temporary or permanent financial support, your alimony payments can be calculated fairly. If you are already providing or receiving alimony but there has been a significant change in your circumstances or the circumstances of your former spouse, you may lower or increase the amount of support. Contact the Law Offices of Stephanie Mahdavi to schedule a consultation regarding your spousal support issues.

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