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Nobody can predict the future. But what if you could determine whether your marriage is in trouble before it starts? Virtually every couple that enters marriage believes they will live happily ever after. However, life is not always like the movies. The truth is not every relationship is built to last. Although divorce is the last thing newlyweds would ever think about, divorce rates remain high in Ventura County.  Ask any Westlake Village divorce attorney about why so many marriages in California come to an end and you will hear an endless amount of stories and theories. Some are obvious, such as a history of infidelity. But there are several other factors that are often overlooked.

The Problems with Online Relationships

Just about everybody in Ventura County has a social media account, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, far too many people use these sites to carry on secret relationships away from their spouses. Many use the excuse that because there is nothing physical, online relationships do not count as an affair. Nothing could be further from the truth. Online cheating can be just as emotionally damaging to a relationship as physical affairs. Once trust is shattered, it can be extremely difficult to regain.

Huge Wedding Costs

The average American wedding costs an estimated $26,000. Spending too much on a wedding can often place couples in a huge financial hole. Many young couples also have unresolved student debt. Poor spending habits and the mismanagement of finances is a huge indicator of whether a marriage will survive.

Level of Education

According to a recent study, couples with only a high school education are twice more likely to file for divorce than their counterparts with a college degree. The study also revealed college educated couples tend to have higher incomes and better money managing skills. Marriages with the least amount of money problems tend the be the most successful.

Dividing Household Chores Evenly

Let’s face it. Most couples do not enjoy spending time to clean their house or household chores. But it is a necessary evil. Between doing the laundry, mowing the lawn and cooking, there is no shortage of duties each couple must address. But when one spouse is placed in the position to perform the majority of the work, it can often create resentment.

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Marriage is not for everyone. Even some of the most loving couples will go through their share of trials and tribulations. But when a marriage falls apart, it can be a powerless feeling. Sometimes divorce is the best solution. Before filing for divorce in Ventura County, it is important to first explore your options. One of the best choices is to contact an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional. Over the years, Westlake Village divorce attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi and her legal team have successfully represented countless men and women in a variety of family law cases. From the moment a client visits their law office, their legal team will take the time to educate the client about their rights and how to navigate through the legal process. Because divorce can sometimes get complicated, it is vital to have a legal advocate that will always be in your corner.

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