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It’s easy to stop spending quality time with your children due to your hectic schedule. But it’s not fair to children. They deserve all the love and care in the world. While  it’s  true relationships take effort, it’s also true that such efforts can yield the most beautiful rewards. It’s possible to develop a healthy  relationship with your kids, even when the visitation schedule is not that great. Planning a good visitation schedule with the help of an experienced Westlake Village visitation attorney  is crucial to spending quality time with your family. The more time on your hands, the more special activities you can plan out with them.

Road trips

Even the most mundane trips can be exciting for kids. They just love being with you. Whether going to the grocery store, throwing away the trash or any other daily errand, take your children with you. You’ll be surprised how helpful they can be. It’s all about the time spent with them and not necessarily the place. This is what many parents miss out on. While it’s important to prepare a trip to one of those blown away destinations, remember that most of your time with them is spent on routine tasks.


Yeah, you are on a tight schedule and you don’t get to see your children as much as you would like to. But doing nothing about your dissatisfaction will not get you or your family anywhere. You can hire a Westlake Village visitation attorney to help you create a visitation schedule that you feel more comfortable with. Just remember, it needs to be in the best interests of the child otherwise the court will not approve it.

Whatever you do, make yourself available.  Your children must know they are very important to you. They should be able to call you anytime they need to talk to you and leave messages. Talk about their day, things that happened to them in school, new friends they have met, and above all, listen and understand they just want to spend time with you.

Make activities with them a priority in your schedule

It’s all about priorities. You always make time for those things that are important to you. What can be more meaningful than spending quality time with your children? There are only so many days in the calendar but plenty of opportunities for a special day with them. Instead of worrying about how much time you can spend with them, focus on making that time special. Whether a movie night, a day at the beach or a nature walk, there is always space in your schedule for what matters most to you.

When you are not happy with your visitation schedule

Some specific tasks are handled better with the help of an attorney. Once the court grants the custody of the children, you may want to consult your Westlake Village visitation attorney if you are the non-custodial parent. Feel free to express your desires for visiting your children and inquire about the legal options available in your specific case.

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