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Emotional trauma is an ongoing struggle for many victims of domestic violence. There just isn’t a time frame for recovering. How can you start all over again with so much brokenness inside? Remember time can heal all things when you allow it does its best. You can start all over again with professional help. Whether going to therapy or seeking legal advice from a Camarillo domestic violence attorney, all you have to do is open that door and see all the opportunities you didn’t know existed. Remember nobody will open that door for you. Oftentimes, we are the authors of our own fate.

Safe boundaries

Everybody likes to protect their property. The fence it and put a dog warning sign. It’s a natural tendency humans have except the forgetful ones. Sometimes you need to be reminded that it’s okay to protect what’s yours. It’s okay to be safe and keep yourself and your family away from danger, especially when children have to witness such a negative environment. Guard your territory with the help of a Camarillo domestic violence attorney. Build that fence high so the abuser can no longer jump.

Recovery is possible

Good days with the abuser may not last too long. Some days he or she will act like an angel but the mask will fade away. Although everyone has a dark side, how much darker it needs to get before you turn on the lights? The abuse will continue and you will keep drowning if you don’t pull yourself out of that abusive environment. It’s only when you are miles away from the abuser that recovery truly begins. Remember abusers don’t like happy people because happy people are strong. They prefer keeping the victim feeling bad and unhappy.

Stages of recovery

There are stages of recovery from emotional trauma. It’s good you understand them as it will help accelerate your recovery time. Dealing with fewer obstacles will help natural recovery do its best. The most common stages of recovery from an abusive environment include:

Stabilizing and finding safety – This is time to get your feelings back and become mentally stable.
A time to remember and mourn – During this stage you will still feel emotional pain but you will be more in control. You will get angry, you will cry, but above all, you will forgive yourself for falling in love with the wrong person.

A time to reconnect and integrate yourself – It’s time to release the past in the hands of Providence and allow a new story to unfold. During this stage, you will meet new people and embrace your new life.

Some tips that may help

Psychological trauma is real and it can linger long after physical abuse. Being in an abusive or manipulative relationship is not exactly the kind of thing you pick. It just happens but the sooner you get out of it the more chances of a new beginning you will have. Some things that may help set your priorities straight include:

  • Check for signs of depression or anxiety
  • Learn about the abuse and how you can heal from it
  • Call a helpline
  • Surround yourself with supportive and positive people
  • Stay away from the abuser
  • Contact a Camarillo domestic violence attorney
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