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Child Custody

The children should be the primary focus when determining child custody. The children need to be placed in a safe, loving, and respectful environment. Taking a look at which parent can give the children the healthiest lifestyle is essential in determining which parent gets primary custody. A Westlake Village child custody attorney can fight for […]

Family Law

The “California Exodus” may be a bit of an overreaction, but the state did see more departures than arrivals to the Golden State in 2020. More than 267,000 people left California compared to about 128,000 people moving in from other states. This migration can have a huge effect on child custody, causing parents to have […]


The last year has taught us life can change in a snap. As time ticks, aspects of your life can morph and alter. This can especially happen after a divorce. After the bell tolls for the “Final Judgment of the Dissolution of Marriage,” people tend to believe you are stuck with the terms of the […]


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