Think twice and thrice before handling a high asset divorce on your own

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Many couples untying the knot these days have a significant amount of assets. In an attempt to save up money, some will venture into handling their own divorce case. While some tasks in the divorce process are simple, asset division is not. Arguments tend to arise, especially when children are involved. This can be a time-consuming process requiring legal experience you may not have.

Couples handling a high asset divorce by themselves can miss out on extra sources of income they have, and make many other mistakes. In this type of situation, it’s best hiring a Westlake Village high asset divorce attorney who can help you handle all the financial aspects of your divorce. It will help alleviate all the anger and animosity typically associated with a high asset divorce.

Treat it as a business contract

As harsh as it might sound, it’s best when you treat your divorce as a business contract. Although feelings are naturally involved, they can be deceiving. Perhaps you have decided to agree to a settlement just to get it over with. You are emotionally wounded and don’t have much time in your hands to waste. This is when a mediator comes in the picture. Your Westlake Village high asset divorce attorney can look at things objectively and help you evaluate all the options for settlement and legal implications of the terms. Remember, you want to protect your interests but you don’t want to be revengeful. It will have a negative impact on your future particularly if you have children. It’s best to calm down and think about the assets you want to keep. Think about things that are really important to you and fight for them with the help of an attorney.

Don’t hide finances

Concealing your assets is not a good thing as it will destroy your credibility. Remember your spouse probably hired an attorney as well. Attorneys have access to mostly everything, including forensic accounts. If you have a good Westlake Village high asset divorce attorney by your side, trust him or her will protect your interests.

Consider factors such as child support/spousal support

A high asset divorce is not only about dividing the marital assets. There are some other factors that need to be considered as well. You also have to prepare for potential income, obligations and other ongoing expenses that may arise such as child support and alimony. Your attorney can help you draft the final declaration and help you understand all the options available as well as the short or long term effects they may have in your life.

Hire the right attorney

This is pivotal to the outcome of your case. Every high asset divorce case is different therefore you need to pick the attorney that fits your particular situation. Hiring the meanest or cheapest attorney may not work to your advantage. Contact The Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi today and schedule your initial case evaluation.

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