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Parents undergoing a divorce must address a number of issues associated with their minor children. When parents in Camarillo can’t reach an agreement about these important divorce issues, then the judge will decide what’s best for the child. Divorcing couples should retain a Camarillo child custody attorney to deal with these and any other complex divorce matters they may be facing.

Child custody in Camarillo

There are several important child custody factors that California courts will consider when determining child custody:

  • All decisions must be made based on your child’s best interests.
  • Include the child’s health, emotional, social, and family ties as well as age.
  • The parenting plan should be detailed and include both parents.
  • If the child spends most of the time with one parent, the other parent may be granted visitation rights.

Over time, circumstances may change causing parents to request modifications to the initial agreement. If this is your scenario, you will file a Request for Order and make the necessary modifications. However, there should be a significant change in the parent or child’s circumstances otherwise the court may not modify the custody order.

Types Of Child Custody That Need To Be Determined In Camarillo

There are various types of custody arrangements that may be possible in the aftermath of two parents divorcing or separating. It is important to understand that child custody issues have to be determined between two parents regardless of whether or not they are married. Often, people get so wrapped up in discussing child custody in conjunction with a divorce case that they tend to forget that unwed parents have the same rights that married parents do when it comes to child custody.

  • Physical custody: Physical custody deals with where a child will live on a regular basis.
  • Legal custody: Legal custody decisions determine which parent(s) are able to make long-term decisions about the welfare of their child. This can include the child’s medical care decisions, educational decisions, dental care, and eye care decisions, and religious instruction.

When working to determine both physical and legal custody, we do need to point out that there could be “joint custody” or “sole custody” awarded for either. However, joint and sole custody decisions do not have to be the same for both physical and legal custody.

It may certainly be the case that both parents share legal and physical custody. However, it could also be the case where one parent has sole physical custody while both parents share legal custody. That could also be reversed, where one parent has sole legal custody, and both share physical custody, though that will be less common. Finally, it is certainly possible that one parent will have sole physical custody and sole legal custody.

For non-custodial parents, visitation schedules will need to be arranged. Visitation is often called “parenting time,” and this allows for the child to see the other parent at regularly scheduled times. Visitation schedules can vary, and these visits can last for different lengths of time and can include weekends, holidays, or other specially requested and approved events.

A Camarillo child custody attorney will be able to help you get through every aspect of this process. We understand that custody decisions like this are going to be incredibly emotional for every party involved. That is why you need an attorney representing you so that nothing gets said or done that could jeopardize your child custody case.

Bringing resolution to complex child custody issues

Child custody is one of the most complex decisions made during a dissolution of marriage. Ideally, parents will agree on these issues but this is not always the case. Some parents may prefer legal joint legal custody but lack physical custody. In other words, although both parents share the right to raise their children, and the children spend time with both parents, one of the parents may only get to see the children every other weekend.

Other complex cases may require one of the parents to have limited contact with the children until he or she proves that the child’s interests are his or her priority. Hiring a Camarillo child custody attorney can prove helpful when making these difficult transitions during the divorce process.

When moving out of state

There are divorce circumstances that may involve moving out of state. Situations, where a parent needs to move out, will require experienced legal representation from a Camarillo child custody attorney well-versed in both state and federal laws. A steady custody arrangement is very important in a child custody case. It’s possible to keep more or less the same visitation schedule even when a parent decides to move out of Camarillo.

Evaluating child custody in Camarillo

At the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi we gather the facts, including the history of both parents’ relationship with the children. A number of evidence such as child neglect, child abuse, and any other issues related to the child’s safety, education, and health should also be considered. An experienced Camarillo child custody attorney will sit down with you and evaluate your case thoroughly. We take the time to study and understand your case. This is essential to achieve a successful outcome. Contact us today and experience the difference a prepared attorney can make.

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