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When a marriage dissolves, it is hard enough on the couple that is splitting up, but with kids, things get even more complicated. There are many decisions to be made that not just affect the parents, but the children as well. Who maintains custody of the kids? Where will they live? What about visitation rights? And of course, who will pay child support? In a household with kids, the parents have to put their needs aside and keep their dependents’ best interests in mind. One parent may be more financially capable of doing so than the other, and that’s when child support comes into the equation. The textbook definition of child support is:

“…court-ordered payments, typically made by a noncustodial divorced parent, to support one’s minor child or children.

If you are in Thousand Oaks and are going through a divorce and are seeking an experienced child support attorney, give me, Stephanie L. Mahdavi a call. My track record in family law – especially dealing with child support cases – is uncomparable. My team of legal professionals and I will handle your case with compassion and conviction. When it comes to getting what your child rightfully deserves, we will fight for you all the way. We won’t stop until you walk away with a favorable agreement.

Give us a call today for a consultation. We will evaluate your case and devise a strategic plan of attack.

Factors That Go Into Determining Child Support

  • How much money each parent makes
  • The income and needs of the parent maintaining custody of the child (custodial parent)
  • How many children are in the household or involved
  • Age and status of the child
  • The standard of living of the child before the divorce
  • The paying parent’s ability to make the child support payments
  • The needs of the child

Other Factors Include

  • Support of children for other relationships (if any)
  • Tax filing status of both parents
  • Health insurance expenses
  • Traveling to visit the child

Once all of these factors are taken into consideration, the judge will then set a payment schedule which they consider fair in their eyes. But it is always best to have a child support attorney represent you so you get the maximum support you and your child rightfully deserve.

Contact an Experienced Child Support Attorney Thousand Oaks

If you live in the Thousand Oaks or Southern Ventura County area and are going through a child support battle, give The Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi a call. My legal professionals and I have an extensive record of success when it comes to fighting for what you legally are entitled to. We offer initial consultations to evaluate your case and devise a strategic plan of attack. We will put you in the best possible position for success and won’t quit fighting until you come out on top. Give us a call today and schedule an appointment. We will work hard for you.

If we have shared custody, do I still have to pay child support?

Both child support and child custody are two separate court-ordered issues. Regardless of whether you have custody or not, child support may still be ordered. Child support payment amounts are made after considering a vast array of guidelines in California, including custody arrangements.

Never alter child support payments on your own. Always speak to a Thousand Oaks child support lawyer to help you navigate the family court system in California.

How can I prove I am not the father to get out of child support?

A child’s legal father has the responsibility to financially support the child. If you do not think you are the father of a child you have been ordered to pay child support for, you need to seek a paternity test. You have the right to a paternity test under California law. With the help of a Thousand Oaks child support attorney, you can work to get a paternity test completed.

What if you are married but discover that the child may not be yours?

There are times when a woman becomes pregnant when married, but the child is not her husband’s. In many cases, the husband may never discover the infidelity. However, if the husband does discover that the child is not his, he can ask for a paternity test within two years of the discovery date.

Child support and custody decisions in these circumstances can become very complicated if a divorce occurs, so please speak to a Thousand Oaks child support lawyer.

What if the receiving parent is spending child support money on stupid things?

You may discover or suspect that your ex is not spending the child support payments for your child. This is a common question, but there is not much you can do about it. California law does not require an accounting of how child support money is spent. However, if you suspect or have evidence that your ex is abusing drugs or alcohol or is involved in other risky behaviors with the money, you can petition the court for modifications and/or adjustments. You may need to seek custody modifications in this case as well.

Why should I be forced to keep paying child support after they are 18?

Child support generally stops when a child reaches the age of 18, unless the child is still in high school. If they are in high school, you will have to continue payments until they graduate or until they are 19, whichever comes first.

Can I stop paying child support if the other parent marries someone rich?

If your ex moves in with or marries someone with substantial resources, you may think it unfair that you continue child support payments. However, you are still obligated to support your child with court-ordered payments.

Why do I have to pay both child support and alimony? What if this bleeds out my resources?

There are many cases in which both child support and alimony payments are ordered. With the help of a Thousand Oaks child support attorney, you can navigate the court processes to determine amounts that will allow everyone to continue their lives. It will not be in anyone’s best interest for you to end up with no housing, no vehicle, or no money at all and unable to make your payments.

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