Westlake Village Family Law Attorney

Whether you are getting a divorce, dealing with an uncooperative ex after a divorce, or experiencing such trauma as domestic abuse, there are various reasons why you may need to hire a family law attorney.

It’s important that you choose a lawyer qualified to provide strong representation in these circumstances. That’s precisely what you will find at the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi. Keep reading to better understand how a Westlake Village family law attorney can help you.

Family Law: Our Practice Areas

Family law is a broad term that applies to a wide range of practice areas. Our team specializes in such areas as the following:


Determining whether someone is a child’s legal father is key to ensuring that their rights as a father are being properly honored. Establishing paternity is also necessary when there are questions pertaining to whether a father has certain legal responsibilities.

Whether you believe you are being deprived of your rights as a child’s legal father or you believe a child’s legal father is neglecting his responsibilities, our Westlake Village paternity lawyers will help to resolve the issue efficiently and properly.


It’s not uncommon for the original terms of a divorce agreement to require modification for a number of potential reasons.

For example, maybe a parent who has been ordered to pay child support loses their job and will genuinely be unable to secure employment providing them with a similar income in the foreseeable future. In these circumstances, it might be necessary to modify child support terms.

Or, maybe a parent with primary custody of the children is moving away. This can have significant implications if the other parent has been granted visitation rights.

Those are just two examples. Whenever the terms of a divorce agreement need to be modified in any way, it is vital that you enlist the help of expert legal professionals.

Domestic Violence

Whether you need assistance protecting yourself and your children from a partner or spouse or you have been falsely accused of committing domestic violence, our Westlake Village family law attorneys will approach your case with the care and professionalism that is necessary.


Divorcing a spouse can be a stressful experience. Divorce is far less likely to be a drawn-out process resulting in unfair arrangements if you have representation from an experienced California divorce attorney.

Child Custody

Determining who gets custody of the children is one of the most sensitive issues that can arise when two parents divorce one another. You need to be certain custody arrangements are fair while ensuring that your children’s welfare is prioritized. A qualified Westlake Village family law attorney can help you navigate the process of establishing reasonable custody arrangements.

Business Valuation

Determining the value of a business or a significant interest in a business (such as stocks or bonds) is critical when divorcing spouses divide their assets. Because assigning an accurate value to a business is often a complex process, you need assistance from trained experts.

Retirement Division

If you and your spouse have set aside money, made investments, and taken other such steps to ensure you have a reliable nest egg when you choose to retire, you will likely need to account for your retirement savings when dividing assets if your marriage ends. This is another task an attorney can help you with.


Because each family’s circumstances are unique, visitation arrangements after a divorce must be tailored to a family’s specific needs. We will account for all relevant factors to maximize your odds of establishing fair and reasonable visitation arrangement terms.

Custodial Interference

Parents who have divorced one another do not always cooperate after entering into custodial agreements. If your ex is not abiding by the terms of your agreement, seek legal assistance.

At the Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi, you will find a Westlake Village family law attorney who understands that divorce and related experiences can be painful. Our dedicated team works hard to minimize that pain while emphasizing the importance of protecting your legal rights. Learn more about what we can do for you by calling us at 805-379-4550 or contacting us online today.

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