Camarillo Property Division Attorney

Some divorces are pretty straight forward. The individuals no longer get along as a married couple and decide to call it quits. Some couples who split up go on to become best friends, and it works great for them. While others engage in a heated battle, fighting over any and everything – from who gets the dog to who keeps the winter condo in Miami. For these types of divorces, it is best to secure a property division attorney in Camarillo. A property division attorney in Camarillo may not make the animosity go away, but they can objectively help you divide up the property which you both have acquired.

If you find yourself in the middle of a divorce and you are fighting over property, give The Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi a call. Our property division attorneys in Camarillo are some of the best in the state. We know the ins and outs of divorce proceedings, but we also are aware of how attached two individuals could become to certain items – especially if there is sentimental value. We will make sure that you walk away happy with the results, and not feeling like you lost everything. Call us today for a consultation and speak to one of our legal professionals who will help devise a plan to get you compensated as you should be.

Common items people argue over in a divorce

The most obvious piece of property of course is the house. Who gets to live in the home and who has to leave? This is probably the most difficult item to decide upon. Both people spent years making a house a home, and now that the marriage is ending, one person will have to relocate. In some cases, to make it fair, both sell the house and split the money. Either way, it is still a difficult decision to make and should not be done so lightly.

If there is a business involved in which both individuals are a part of, dividing that up can be difficult. Many times, both parties try to conduct business as amicably as possible after the divorce, but it does not work out in some cases. Having a property division attorney on hand could save you the headache of figuring out who gets what. And it can also save you from bitter arguments or disagreements.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to acquire a property division attorney in Camarillo, give The Law Offices of Stephanie L. Mahdavi a call. Our team of legal experts has handled numerous cases like this and we know how to work the system in your favor. Trying to divide property on your own is a novel idea, but having it done with the assistance of a property division attorney ensures that everything is on the up and up. It protects you. Give us a call today for a consultation. We will be more than happy to sit with you and discuss your case.

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