Do Biological Parents provide Child Support after Adoption?

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This is a common question among parents who give their children for adoption. Adoption is a difficult decision and it’s just hard to let go. While the children may be the fruit of your loins, since you signed those abortion papers, they became someone else’s legal responsibility. There are some circumstances in which you, as a biological parent, can provide child support but they are very rare and difficult to understand unless a Thousand Oaks child support attorney navigates all the complexities involved.

Your obligations end

Your child support is no longer needed after your child has been adopted by another family. The law doesn’t recognize you as the child’s parent therefore all your legal obligations cease. You can’t make decisions about the children’s future and upbringing. Also, you can’t contact them or have a relationship with them.

Your child will have a new birth certificate and name

A new birth certificate will be issued and your child will be named after the adoptive parents. When someone looks at the birth certificate they will think this child was never adopted. Older children such as teens may choose to keep their names. In cases where the adopted children are from another state, the adoptive parent will request the new birth certificate from the state where the children were born.

Open adoption may give you more chances

Open adoptions can provide many advantages to parents giving their children for adoption. Adoptive parents will know where their child came from and birth parents can find out what’s going on in the lives of their children. However, if birth parents and adoptive parents don’t get along, chances are the adoptive parents will terminate the visitation agreement as stated in the adoption papers. An attorney can explain the possibility of open adoption, child support, and evaluate your situation.

How a Thousand Oaks child support attorney can help?

Child support is a very controversial area of family law as parties that tend to disagree are involved. It’s important having an attorney acting as third party and protecting your interests and the interests of your children. In order for a custodial parent to receive child support for the children, he or she must first establish legal paternity, which can be a complicated process where many factors are considered. Non-custodial parents may also need an attorney to help them calculate how much child support is expected from them.

If you are having problems making important decisions about child custody or child support, obtain legal advice by contacting a Thousand Oaks child support attorney. All you have to do is explain your situation and the attorney will advise you on the best course of action.

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