How you can get your kids back?

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Perhaps you have lost the legal custody of your children. You allowed your ex-spouse win that battle and you may think it’s too late to get your children back. No matter the reason, you can convince the judge your children should stay with you. It’s not easy because courts are very serious about modifications to a custody order. The general rule is to do what’s best for the children. Are you convinced your home is the best place for your children? Are your children happy with you? These are all questions you should answer before consulting a Westlake Village Child Custody.

Address obstacles

It’s important you address the problems that may have caused the separation from your children. If you were on drugs or alcohol or perhaps there was physical abuse or neglect, you need to correct these problems. There are solutions such as joining a rehab program, attending parenting classes, and counseling sessions. As boring as it might sound, these simple steps will take you where you want to be and help you bring your children back home. It’s only after addressing these obstacles successfully that you will have a case.

Obey the law

In order to prove the court that you are responsible enough to take care of your children, you must follow the law. Attend your hearings and follow your current child custody agreement until the changes have been made. In other words, don’t give away any reasons that may show you are not a trustable parent.

Deal with negative emotions

Losing a child custody battle can be heartbreaking. You will have feelings of pain and loss that will interfere with your routine. It’s ok to take some time off to recharge your batteries. Your contact with your children should be as positive as possible. This will work on your favor when petitioning a child custody reevaluation.


If you take an honest look at yourself, you may find out that perhaps you are partly guilty of creating mistrust. Depending on the level of understanding of your relationship with your ex, you can talk to him or her before taking legal action. Think about ways you can convince your ex that the children are happy with you. Then, proceed to suggest they are better off with you but always focusing on what’s best for the child.

The legal battle

Now that you got your strength back, it’s time to fight! You obviously can’t do this on your own, especially if your ex is harsh towards you. There are other options such as shared custody where each parent can enjoy half of the pie. Remember your ex is your child’s parent as well and they deserve their chance. Whatever you do, don’t seek a child custody modification out of revenge as it might have other repercussions along the road. Fight for your children’s rights and win with a Westlake Village divorce attorney!

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