Can mandatory arrests truly increase domestic violence?

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It is common for police officers to arrest individuals facing allegations of domestic violence, even when they are not guilty. Authorities believe that the abuser intimidates the victim into not pressing charges therefore these arrests are necessary otherwise the abuse will continue.

Research has proven that mandatory arrests are very effective in domestic violence cases. However, new research seems to contradict the old findings. According to the new studies by the Journal of Experimental Criminology, victims of domestic violence are most likely to die when their partners are arrested. The study has been criticized for using old data to question effective policies. Domestic violence arrests are not dangerous to victims. On the contrary, they help protect all victims of domestic abuse.

Domestic violence has become a hot topic in recent years. As more women suffer this particular fate, more effective strategies might be needed to keep the abusers away. If you or a loved one has become a victim of domestic violence, contact a Thousand Oaks domestic violence attorney. It’s never too late to stop the abuse.

We definitely need more research about the effectiveness of these arrests and how other tactics might also be useful. Many family law attorneys have to deal with this particular scenario over the course of their careers. It just happens and something needs to be done. Whether by sending abusers to social services or making stricter laws, the abuse must cease.

The new research suggests that the arrests may be provoking the killings. But one wonders if these victims would have suffered the same fate under different circumstances. It’s a cruel world out there, and mandatory arrest can only hold the offender accountable for his or her behavior.

The most important element is looking at these cases from the victim’s perspective. Most victims don’t want the abuser to go to jail but rather the violence to stop. But how can you stop violence without taking action? Perhaps police officers should be trained to identify a true aggressor or aggressors can be issued citations to see specialists. Whatever it takes, these victims need help. They should not feel the world has turned their back on them.

While laws evolve, violence happens to millions of American women every year. Abusers want to stay in control and will do everything they can to silence their victims. If you have experienced domestic violence once or twice, it is extremely likely to happen again. It is a deadly cycle that will never stop unless authorities and abuse victims do something about it.

Although recent studies suggest that having a partner arrested can have a profound impact on the victim’s health, these are risky decisions some victims need to make. It’s like removing a malignant tumor; no one knows for sure what happens after. But one thing is sure, you can empower yourself to leave a harmful environment and overcome the fear that’s been dragging you down. Call today and schedule your initial case evaluation with one of our experienced Thousand Oaks domestic violence attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi.

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