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Older people throughout California are getting married and divorced in great numbers. About one in four divorces are grey divorces, which means people older than 50 are untying the knot like never before. But why couples split up after being married for so long? We will discuss some of the common causes and how a Thousand Oaks divorce attorney can help you navigate your grey divorce with ease.

Growing apart

A grey divorce doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow process that shatters the relationship. It’s two people simply growing apart. This decision generally comes as a shock to loved ones who are accustomed to seeing the couple having a great time together. Usually, one partner feels he or she has given up too much to make the marriage work and the relationship can’t work when only one spouse is fighting for it.

The age factor

Sometimes couples have a large age difference, which may not seem like a big deal at the beginning of the relationship but it becomes a problem with aging. Also, the brain tends to suffer major changes at age 15 and at age 40 so some people crave a younger lover during their golden years.


Being around the same person for so long can lead to boredom if the couple doesn’t do anything to get the spark back in the relationship. Some people stop trying and allow boredom to kill their marriage. Becoming complacent is not the answer for broken relationships.

Money problems

Sometimes one spouse is a spender while the other likes saving. While this approach can bring balance to the relationship, it can also become a problem, especially for couples with children. Kids can be expensive, from school activities to college funds; you can be deep in debt.

Sexual incompatibility and priorities

Hormonal changes are a natural part of aging. Your sex drive will definitely change as well as your desires. Couples dealing with this scenario can take some steps such as protecting each other both in private and public; take care of yourself, and find activities you can do together to bring back the romance. Talk about sex openly in your relationship. Good communication is the key to success in your relationship and everything else in life.

Contact a Thousand Oaks divorce attorney

Our attorneys understand the emotional pain couples face when getting a divorce during their golden years. We help clients resolve divorce disputes in the most amicable way possible. Even when problematic issues arise, we always protect our clients’ interests.

While it is true that splitting up later in life is on the rise, you are not alone during this process. Ask a Thousand Oaks divorce attorney about your legal options. An attorney can make your grey divorce more bearable.

Many people in this age group have difficulty dividing their marital assets. Also, some spouses like to hide their assets. This can affect the whole asset division process in a negative way. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with one of our talented family law attorneys.

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