The importance of prenuptial agreements

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Prenuptial agreements are often the best approach to preventing unnecessary financial battles in the future. With the alarming percentage of failed marriages rising, couples these days choose to prepare just in case the unfortunate happens. While some may think this is not the right approach to enter a civil union, others like to take advantage of the many benefits a prenuptial agreement can offer them.

With the help of a Westlake Village family law attorney, you will be able to decide what to keep or what to toss during a dissolution of marriage. This a difficult decision to make on your own. This is why we strongly suggest you seek the advice of an experienced family law attorney.

The benefits

Nobody enters a marriage expecting to end it one day yet almost half of the marriages end up in divorce. Prenuptial agreements can also be very beneficial in cases where one of the spouses dies. These agreements give the couple peace of mind, especially if they have significant assets. While the future is uncertain, you can plan ahead and make it all work.

One of the hardest parts of prenuptial agreements is talking about it with your future spouse. The legal aspects of it are easily understood but emotions can get in the way and ruin the whole process. Some people view marriage as a covenant while others think of it as a contract. It is a practical approach that can benefit your family and help you avoid future financial obstacles.

Some couples view prenups as effective financial strategies, which can be very beneficial even if they wish to remain married until death do them part. Younger couples without significant assets can include their student loans or any other debts they may have. You can also include other issues such as liabilities and spousal support. It can be particularly beneficial for couples who enter the union with children from previous marriages. Raising children can be very costly therefore listing the financial responsibilities of each party, just in case a breakup or death occurs, can make the whole process less burdensome. Furthermore, if you own a business, prenups can serve as protection for your company.

When signing your prenup

It is important you talk to your spouse-to-be in advance. Don’t wait until you are so busy planning your wedding. Busy couples sometimes choose a postnuptial instead that way they can spend time preparing for the wedding and enjoying their honeymoon without having to worry about these complex legal issues. However, some spouses may not want to enter into an agreement after getting married.

Consult with your Westlake Village prenup lawyer

A good prenuptial agreement can benefit both parties and strengthen family financial stability. Each couple and individual has unique financial needs they want to meet and a prenup can help you achieve these goals. If you want to protect your assets and your financial future with your spouse, contact a Westlake Village prenup lawyer. Ask your fiance to write down the property or financial issues he or she would like to include in the agreement. Once you have decided a prenup is right for you, the whole process becomes easier.

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