Mistakes to avoid in your child custody case

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Divorcees trying to work out a parenting plan tend to make a few mistakes that may hurt their child custody case. While custody battles can be emotionally draining, it’s important to remain calm and consult a Westlake Village divorce attorney to handle your circumstances in a more civilized manner. Even the best parents can make simple mistakes that will make them unfit during a child custody battle. Like in every battle, you must create an effective strategy that will help you achieve the desired end.

When your emotions take over

It is okay to have feelings but it can be dangerous when you allow them to take over. Sometimes pressure from your loved ones can make the whole process even more stressful. Ask your attorney about how you can have an amicable divorce or separation. Remain calm and avoid an unnecessary fight.

Respect court orders

Courts can issue a temporary custody order during the initial stages of your divorce. The temporary custody order will include each parent’s responsibility and also time sharing between them. You should abide by this order and respect it no matter what. It is very tempting to ignore it, which can lead to other legal complications.

The problem with social media

People post all kinds of things on social media these days. While it’s okay to express yourself and share things with friends and followers, avoid using social media as a channel to vent all your frustrations. Whatever you do, don’t talk negatively about your ex-spouse or post pictures of your merry time at a party where alcohol was served. This can hurt your case in more ways that you can imagine.

A negative relationship with your ex

Courts generally show more respect to couples, who in spite of their differences, still seek to support the child’s relationship with both parents. Avoid influencing your child’s relationship with your ex in a negative way. Avoid harsh criticism or any negative comment about your ex.

Uninvolved parenting

If you get involved in your child’s life you will have more chances at winning a child custody battle. There are many activities you can do with your children such as homework, attend school recitals, reading to them, playing games, or any anything else they enjoy.

Sending negative messages

Remember technology can be used to collect harmful evidence. In other words, if you are constantly sending negative messages to your ex you may not get the custody of your children. Sending negative text messages or emails can only show the court that you are not a reliable parent. If you are getting a divorce, you need to avoid these errors and consult an experienced Westlake Village divorce attorney. Child custody battles can be intense without adequate legal intervention. To ensure the interests of your children are fully protected, and that you can keep in touch with them, you should avoid any mistakes that may hurt your case and contact family law attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi.

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