Children need more than a Skype dad

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Although video calls are an amazing contribution of technology, they can’t replace spending meaningful time with your children. Unfortunately, many children these days are spending less time with their non-custodial parents. This is particularly true for divorced parents. Some parents go the extreme and have little or no contact with their kids with occasional skype calls to fill in the blanks.  This is wrong. Children need both parents, and not just the Skype version but also the real version they can feel and touch. As non-custodial parents, dads are generally the ones losing contact with the kids but this rule can also apply to non-custodial moms. If you are trying to figure out parenting  time on your own and feel frustrated, contact a Westlake Village visitation attorney.

Low income parent

Many times non-custodial parents lose contact with the children because they don’t earn enough money to cover the costs of travel, lodging, food, etc.  This is when apps such as Skype, Viber, and Whatsapp replace meaningful time with your kids. Low-income parents can’t even afford hiring an attorney and legal help is very essential when claiming your visitation rights. But losing contact with your children will only make things worst. Children will grow into healthy adults if you become part of their lives.


There are some common  reasons why parents lose contact with their children. Although every case is different, they generally include some factors:

  • The custodial parent has interfered in the relationship of the non-custodial with the kids. This is when the resident parent makes the other parent look like a bad person in front of the kids.

  • The non-custodial parent feels lost and doesn’t want to argue with the custodial parent. Perhaps the custodial parent is dating or the children doesn’t like when he visits.

  • The visitation arrangement is not realistic. Sometimes schedules can be stressful and they need to be revised with the help of a Westlake Village visitation attorney.

  • The non-custodial parent doesn’t want the custodial parent to visit the children.

  • The resident parent lives far. This happens often, especially for low-income parents who tend to move out during the first two years of the breakup.

  • The child has feelings of abandonment. Sometimes children feel like their parents don’t care especially when they don’t spend enough time with them.

Why children need their dads?

Dads are usually the ones having less contact with their children since they are generally the non-custodial parents. Children miss their dads deeply and may feel dad has forgotten about them since he is not around. Also, they need a male role model. Particularly boys who look up to their dads and need their approval.

Allow a Westlake Village visitation attorney to figure it all out

Parents often abandon their children because of circumstances explained above. Sometimes laws seem unfair and difficult to navigate but they were made to protect you and your family. Hire a Westlake Village visitation attorney and find out about things you can do to spend more time with your children in a way that’s legally acceptable. Your ex-spouse will not continue making your life miserable, if this is your case.  Your initial consultation is a phone call away.

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