How social media can impact your child custody case

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Some people become addicted to social media and they feel they have to share every detail about their lives in order to gain popularity. It may feel rewarding having a few likes but the information shared may hurt your child custody interests if you are not careful. You may be putting yourself and your family in a dangerous situation and this is something you want to avoid. Remember whatever is posted is not longer yours only. The information shared may serve as evidence in a child custody case. Ask a Thousand Oaks child custody attorney about ways to protect your parental rights and the rights of your children during divorce.

Don’t post anything illegal

Some people like to share information about their illegal whereabouts thinking it’s cool. Remember, your ex-spouse wants to prove you don’t deserve the children. Some things you share in social media may prove that he or she is right. For example, if you share a picture of you doing drugs, even if the stuff you posted is not real, it can be used as evidence. A responsible parent doesn’t engage in this type of behavior or any other behavior that will put the children at risk.

Never post about your love life

That’s right. It may feel romantic now but wait until your ex finds out and argues in court that you are dating someone before getting a divorce and a parent like that can’t be trusted with the custody of children. Wait to move on until all divorce issues have been finalized. Don’t give your ex any personal details about your relationship with someone else. Even if it’s just a friendship, divorcees tend to look for emotional support that may end up in a relationship. Keep it to yourself and focus on child custody issues first.

Don’t post anything negative

It’s best if you post beautiful pictures of your family and anything else that’s appealing to the public. Avoid posting anything negative as it can harm your child custody case. Stay calm and manage all your social media accounts carefully, wisely, and cautiously. If you can stay off social media, even better.

Don’t delete your social media accounts

Deleting your accounts will look like you are hiding something. Remember this information was available to the public or people in your circles. A simple screenshot can serve as evidence, even when the post was already deleted.

Keep posts from your ex

It’s a smart move on your part. Don’t feel bad about it, your ex may be doing the same to hurt your child custody possibilities. For example, your ex may say you haven’t collaborated during the whole divorce process and you are not thinking about what’s best for the children. You can disprove this argument but showing a few screenshots of conversations with your ex that prove you have communicated so often it’s ridiculous to believe otherwise. When in doubt ask a Thousand Oaks child custody attorney about your legal options.

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