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Many divorced parents wish to make changes to their current child support orders. Whether due to a change in circumstances or any other qualifying reason, it is important you understand when child support orders are modifiable. You will be required to continue paying the same amount of child support until your current child support order is modified. If you or your former spouse is seeking to modify your existing child support order, there are some key factors you need to consider, which only a qualified Thousand Oaks child support attorney like Stephanie L. Mahdavi can handle for you.

Never delay a modification

The best interests of the child are paramount when seeking a child support modification. It is important you do not delay a modification if there are qualifying circumstances surrounding your case. If you can’t provide child support because of other obligations or financial hardships, make sure you have the judge approve it first. Remember you must keep paying the same amount until the child support modification is finalized.

Agree with your former spouse

You must notify your former spouse about any change in circumstances and try to come to an agreement about child support terms. It is crucial you hire a Thousand Oaks child support attorney well-versed in this family law area. Your attorney can assist you in these types of cases and ensure you are fully covered.

Material change in circumstances

Sometimes divorced parents can’t agree on changes made to their current child support order. In such cases, you must prove there has been a material change in circumstances. The court will take into consideration some guidelines when determining whether the circumstances have significantly changed or not. Some common examples of material changes include

  • Increasing or decreasing visitation time
  • Income fluctuations
  • Serious health concerns such as permanent disability
  • When child costs either increase or decrease
  • Substance abuse or violent behavior
  • More expenses related to visitation time
  • Extreme financial hardship

Hardship deduction

Sometimes a hardship deduction is granted by the Court. When that happens, the parent providing child support will have a reduced child support obligation. However, if the hardship is granted to the child support recipient, the child support award will most likely increase.

What qualifies as a hardship?

A parent suffering extreme financial hardship can modify a child support order. He or she will qualify as long as there are catastrophic losses, severe health problems, and if a new child was born or adopted.

Your Thousand Oaks child support order modification

We can assist you with your child support order modification in Thousand Oaks. The process can be difficult to handle on your own. This is why our family law attorneys are here to guide you every step of the way. With many 19 years of experienced advocacy, family law attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi has helped many families in Thousand Oaks reach the desired outcome.

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