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Summer is around the corner. With kids being at home more often you may want to plan out a solid summer visitation schedule with your ex-spouse. Think about a variety of activities that will keep your youngsters entertained and get the most out of their summer break. Creating a new residential schedule ahead of time will give your family peace of mind and allow everyone to enjoy their time together without having to worry about who gets the kids.

Things to keep in mind when creating the schedule

Your parenting time schedule must be created taking into account a few things:

  • You must follow the state custody guidelines or the schedule will not be approved by the court.
  • The schedule should become part of the parenting plan and it must be described in legal terms.
  • Make the schedule according to the child’s age.
  • The physical and emotional needs of the child must be considered when preparing the schedule.
  • In families with more than one child, parents can split custody.
  • When parents are in the military, provisions are included.
  • If your ex lives in another state, you will abide by his or her state laws as well and plan the schedule accordingly.
  • Families who live long distances will accommodate travel needs and make the schedule more suitable for the children where they will not have to exchange homes as much.
  • If you recently got a divorce you will create a temporary schedule until a more formal one is finalized.
  • The schedule can be modified as long as parents agree on the changes.

Provision examples

Provisions about time spent with the child and exchanges can be included in your parenting plan:

  • Transportation – Specify who will be transporting the children to and fro, and include drop-off or pick-up times. Mention locations where your child will be picked up from such as school and home. Write if there is a third party allowed to pick up the children when parents are not available.
  • Requirements for the driver – The vehicle should be operated by someone licensed and insured. Also, there should be child restraint devices approved by the law. If the parent transporting the child doesn’t meet these requirements, a third party should provide transportation.
  • Accommodations – Parents should keep cleaned clothing for their children that way they don’t have to bring their clothes with them every time they exchange homes. Children should have their own room.
  • Timeshare – Activities are scheduled based on the schedule. In other words, a parent can’t plan out activities if the other parent has the child during that time.
  • Conflicts with the schedule – You will notify your ex-spouse ahead of time if you are not able to fulfill your obligations during a specific period of time. If the non-custodial parent did not notify him or she is not able to make it, the custodial parent will wait only 30 minutes before the visit is canceled.

Create your visitation schedule with the help of an attorney

Nothing can be more rewarding than seeing your children happy. Schedules are planned out for them. Summer can be an amazing time they will treasure in their memories. Make it special! With the help of a Westlake Village visitation attorney, you will be able to plan out everything taking into consideration state laws and your schedule will have a better chance of being approved.

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