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As time goes by, your circumstances or finances may change a bit and you can benefit from a few adjustments made to your divorce agreement. It’s just like refinancing your car or your house. Under a change of circumstances or some circumstances you may consider unjust, you can petition to modify your divorce decree with the help of a Westlake Village divorce attorney. If there was misconduct or fraud, and one of the parties doesn’t abide by the agreement, you have the right to petition a divorce modification and protect your interests and the interests of your children.

Your circumstances have changed

Sometimes you want to make a change in your divorce agreement but you and your spouse don’t seem to agree on the terms. This may be a good opportunity to hire a divorce attorney to file a motion with the court. During the hearing, your attorney will show the court why a modification is necessary by showing evidentiary support. Be prepared as your ex-spouse’s attorney will challenge your requests and try to make them invalid.

Changes to child custody and visitation

This is a very common scenario. There needs to be prove that you or your former spouse’s circumstances have changed and now you are able or unable to spend time with your children. Some of the changes taken place in your life which could qualify you for a modification include:

  • Moving to another town far away.
  • The income has either increased or decreased.
  • Children are not well taken care of in the current agreement.
  • Your ex-spouse is mentally or physically ill.
  • Your ex-was arrested for misconduct or committed a crime.
  • Addiction to drugs.
  • You are having nonstop conflicts with your teen.
  • Your ex-ridicules the positive way you are raising your children and you think this approach can be harmful to the children
  • You suspect child abuse.
  • The arrangements made in your previous divorce agreements are not practical.

Child custody is a complicated area of family law. Despite the reasons you may have to change your divorce decree, the court will always approve what they consider is best for the children, therefore, it’s important you convince them that all the modifications you request are in the child’s best interests.

Child support modifications

Divorcees often disagree on child support issues. Those who provide child support want to pay less and those who receive the checks want more money. It all depends on what your are asking for. If your finances are unstable at the moment, and you can’t afford child support, you have to show proof of income to show the court a change of circumstances. Perhaps you have a serious health problem or other condition that stops you from working. Whatever your circumstances are, make sure you provide evidence that supports your argument.

Sometimes judges don’t consider the petition adequate or in line with what’s best for the child. If you want to be legally safe, hire a Westlake Village divorce attorney to help you modify the terms of your divorce agreement.

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