How moving to another state can affect your child custody?

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Moving to another state can be exciting but also challenging, especially when there are children involved. Besides looking for the right home and job, you will also have to deal with family commitments left behind such as child custody. This is something that will follow you for the rest of your days. It’s your children and you are responsible for them. If you are planning on moving out of state, you have to either ask permission from your ex-spouse or request a custody agreement modification from the court. Whatever your situation is, make sure you have an experienced Westlake Village child custody attorney representing your interests. Things can get a little rough once your ex finds out about your decision to seek better horizons.

How serious can it be?

Moving out of state with your kids without notifying your ex is pretty serious. In other words, you are violating parental kidnapping laws, which may send you to jail, and grant sole child custody to your ex. But how is that possible?  You are no longer worthy of trust and these are just the legal consequences. Perhaps you are afraid of your ex’s reaction when you talk about leaving the state. If this is your scenario, go to court instead and request permission to move. However, you may need a good Westlake Village child custody attorney as you will have to convince the court that your decision to move to another state is in the child’s best interests. You will have to prove that you can provide a larger income and give your children a better life.

Your ex may argue

If your ex has a good attorney guiding his or her steps, a very common argument may arise. Your ex can argue that your decision to move out will affect the children as they will be away from family and their community. This is a very valid argument. If it works, you will end up moving all alone and the child will stay with the other parent.

Some steps

If moving out is the best thing for you  and your children, have a plan in mind:

  • Think about why you are moving out. Make sure your motives have nothing to do with stopping your ex’s visitation rights.
  • Check your order and look for information about moving out.
  • Have a plan in mind where the remaining parent can contact your child frequently.
  • Provide your ex with written notice of the move.
  • Consider hiring an attorney and asking about the advantages of filing your own motion.

Get legal help

Contact a Westlake Village child custody attorney as soon as you can and explain your situation. If your ex disagrees with the move, you will have more chances in court with a legal advisor that understands all the ramifications of family law.  Also, remember that moving to another place can have a profound impact on your children. Think about it and do what’s best for them.

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