What happens when you get divorced in your senior years?

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Although divorce can happen at any age, it can be a bit challenging for older couples who have spent a lifetime together. Some important areas such as their emotions and their finances can be affected. Let’s face it, the older you are the more assets and debts you have. There are also retirement accounts and other issues that will come into play when filing a divorce later in life. All those years behind you can complicate things if you don’t have a good Westlake Village divorce attorney helping you along the way.   

The emotional side

You will experience many emotions after a divorce and that’s ok. It’s the natural cycle of life. Although your new freedom may feel right, some days you may feel like mourning your loss. After all, you have been together for many years and you got used to each other. It’s important you work through these feelings and don’t ignore them. There is a healing process that needs to take place.

Women, in particular, may experience some symptoms such as depression, insomnia, deteriorated health, and even substance abuse. Men will also experience similar symptoms, especially in longer marriages. It’s important to trace limits and not to remain emotionally bonded with your ex-spouse. Take time to mourn the loss and move on. Give it time and everything will return to normal.

Dividing assets

This is may not be a favorite topic to discuss but it’s a necessary one, especially older couples who have worked very hard their whole lives.  It’s not so much the market value of the asset but its usefulness. A home, for example, it’s very important to many older divorcees. But let’s take a look at the most important assets:

  • Your home – You can benefit from real estate tax exemptions, reverse mortgage, public benefits, and a potential rental income.    
  • Retirement – Dividing retirement can be a complicated process, which needs the legal assistance of an experienced Westlake Village asset division attorney.  Your attorney will request a different court order to divide the retirement benefits.
  • Social security – Although the court doesn’t make decisions about these, retirees 62 years of age or older in marriages that lasted more than a decade can collect as much as 50% retirement benefits from their ex-spouses.
  • If your ex passes away, you are entitled to receive 100% of his or her Social Security benefit.

Take action

It’s never too late to have the life you always wished for. Oftentimes, the happily ever after is not what we picture in our heads. If you are in your senior years and considering a divorce, contact our Westlake Village divorce attorney and schedule your initial consultation.  You need to protect your assets and obtain what’s rightfully yours. Divorce is complicated, especially when you have been together that long.  But with a well-versed attorney guiding your steps, you will walk those miles with ease.

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