Don’t worry when James Bond doesn’t show up – Blood tests don’t lie!

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James Bond seems to get away with anything on the big screen but not in real life. That’s right! If you are playing James Bond in today’s world, sooner or later they will be coming for you. Like every bad boy, you will be faced with the question, “whatcha gonna do when they come for you?” Everybody is waiting for the blood test results but most importantly the poor girl you left heartbroken, no longer a girl but a wise woman. So roll up your sleeves and get to work because your child support debt keeps piling up. Welcome to the real world!

Reality check

If you are a Dulcinea waiting to be rescued by Zorro, you can be waiting for your whole life and nothing will happen. Zorro is too busy rescuing other Dulcineas. Modern women don’t need Zorros. We just need an experienced Westlake Village paternity attorney and the rest is history.

But let’s focus on our main story and character, James Bond. He is obviously a charming officer in the Secret Intelligence Service, so you must be fully equipped to handle him. His identity is obviously not a secret to his intimidate partners. He is a womanizer who refuses to show signs of his evident weakness. The man is a fictional character just like some men in the real world, which report having an average of 9.3 female sexual partners while James seems to have sexual contact with 46 women and minor encounters with other 52 women, definitely a laughingstock. While most men clap in the audience, women become obsessed with this super character. The truth is that James Bond is a terrible father and you may need to take him to court.

What about when James Bond moved out of state?

There are still ways to establish paternity and enforce child support when James Bond is a deadbeat parent. Refusing to pay child support is a federal crime so the law is with you. No worries, he will try to hide, shave all his hair off, lose or gain weight, and change his tone, but blood and fingerprints don’t lie. They will find him.

We gotcha!

If your former spouse is refusing to assume parental responsibility, we can help you remind him. Paternity tests are 99% accurate. However, it can be very stressful when the alleged father refuses to participate. Although the alleged father can refuse to test, he will experience legal consequences for this type of behavior and face criminal charges as well as fines. Unfortunately, most DNA tests these days are requested by child support agencies, which means these parents refuse to get involved in their children’s lives and provide for their needs.

Call us today and we will explain in more detail what’s the best legal approach to handling your James Bond. Like Sun Tzu once wrote, “Wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.”

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