Reasons Why People Get Divorced

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Most people get married because they can’t conceive the idea of being apart. They hope to have a family and a happy life together. Yet marriage is not a piece of cake. Sometimes it’s the little things that slowly ruins a relationship. A spouse may feel he or she has given too much I the relationship and it is about time to untie the knot.

But what are the most common causes of divorce? It’s not rocket science. It’s actually simple to understand that two people are not meant to be together no matter how hard they try. Once you accept this fact, you will not care so much about the reasons why you grew apart but rather become thankful it happened. It can be a liberating experience to embrace fate.

Getting married for the wrong reasons

You should never get married for the wrong reasons. But what are the right reasons? That’s a question only you can answer. The answers are always there; the problem is when you choose to ignore them. Most of the reasons why people get divorced were always there from the beginning. It’s easy to say “I do” but it takes courage to say, “I don’t.”

When coupledom escalates into boredom

It is not healthy having a codependent relationship and losing yourself in the process. If you can’t have fun without your partner and forgot about the simple things in life that bring you pleasure chances are your relationship is doomed.

Every couple forgets

It is common for couples to forget that they are a couple, especially if they have children. It’s easy to grow apart and forget why you got married. Perhaps there is nothing in common any longer. Just two people pretending they are in love with the kids.

Too many disagreements

Nothing changes when you get married. Your partner is still the same person; you just finally opened your eyes. If you have any doubts, ask before you get married and don’t wait until having a bunch of kids and spending a lifetime with the wrong person.

When the intimacy is gone

This generally happens when there are too many misunderstandings. If there is physical or emotional intimacy missing in your marriage, it is important you find ways to connect again. Many couples untie the knot due to intimacy issues. A spouse may feel loved and unappreciated while the other has it all. Women need romance and men need sexual openness. It’s a fact. Couples will definitely grow apart if they are not intimately compatible.

Financial problems

While it is okay for opposites to attract, there are times when financial incompatibility can also be an issue. This is not about being richer or poorer but about being realistic. Some people are spenders while others are savers. Some plans for the future while others live in the moment.

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