Enforcing Your Visitation Rights

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When your ex-spouse doesn’t respect the child custody agreement already established, you may want to explore your legal options in this type of scenario, including enforcing the agreement. Not honoring a child custody agreement means breaking the law and there are legal consequences to this. With the help of a Thousand Oaks child custody attorney, you will be able to figure out what’s the best course of action.

Keep records of missed visitations

If you were denied visitation, make sure to keep a calendar with these occurrences. Also, make a copy of any conversations with your ex. Whether texts, e-mail or any letters keep your correspondence professional and avoid arguments. This is evidence for your case and it also proves that you tried to established and maintained good communication.

Stay calm

Parents who are committed to their children generally resolve child custody issues in a friendly manner. It’s best to talk before things escalate to a legal level. If you have missed time with your children, perhaps your ex can make up for that time. While it’s very frustrating dealing with an angry ex, co-parenting may not work all the time. Sometimes exes are as inflexible as they could be. In that case, you will have to enforce your visitation rights with the help of a Thousand Oaks child custody attorney.

Ask your attorney to write a letter

This is the final warning and the best way to tell your ex you are willing to settle the issue outside court but will use every legal resource available to enforce the agreement if he or she refuses to cooperate. By writing a letter you will show that your rights should be respected and that you will not tolerate any disrespectful attitude. If your ex-ignores your request then you may have to resolve the issue through court interference.

How the police can help?

The local police may be able to enforce a parenting time order. Some departments may not want to be involved unless there is a crime associated with it. But they may be able to call your ex and request they comply with the order. You can be escorted when picking up your children. However, there is always a good chance the police will suggest you take the matter to court.

Before a judge

If you can’t resolve your issue and your ex-keeps refusing your parenting time, it’s time to take it to the judge. It’ll be a long process but be patient. This is the most efficient method of dealing with the issue at this point. Your attorney will file a motion to enforce and your ex will have to comply with the order. You may also have some make-up days to spend with your child all the time missed. It’s important you contact an experienced attorney to guide you through this process as it can be too burdensome to handle on your own.

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