Look Beyond Your Divorce’s Stages of Grief

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Some people feel they have come to a dead end when filing for divorce. It may feel like you are not making any progress for a while but hold on, the dark clouds will pass. It’s a traumatic experience but it’ll eventually lead you to a joyful end. Perhaps the collaborative law process works best for your family. Or maybe you prefer a solo approach. Whatever works for you, ask a Westlake Village divorce attorney about the legal options available in your particular situation.

Denial and anger

It’s easier to deny the problem rather than facing it and finding a solution. Perhaps your spouse has already talked to you or sent you letters suggesting you both hire an attorney and begin the divorce process. It’s best to accept the challenge and move on. If you have tried everything you can to repair your relationship and you haven’t seen any positive results, perhaps it’s best you contact a Westlake Village divorce attorney and settle the issue through legal means. Yes, you may experience a little bit of anger but that doesn’t mean you are a failure. Perhaps your struggles will lead you to a better and happier future. As much as the divorce process may cost you, remember that peace is often priceless.

Bargaining and depression

It’s natural to bargain throughout the divorce process. What if I do this or that? Will things still be the same? You will feel lost and frustrated. Just don’t get drawn into emotional quicksand. It may be painful now but it won’t last forever. At this stage, you should seek the help and support of family and friends. Also, you can attend local support groups and counseling sessions.


After going through the earlier stages of your divorce, you will probably feeling burned out. It’s natural to feel depressed and lack the energy to continue the process. This is the time when you need to be determined to press on. It’s time to turn your life around. Recharge your batteries and accept the challenge. Your attorney will help you with all the legalities so that you can focus on yourself and on your children.


This is the final stage of grief. You allow things to take their natural course. This is the most crucial step during the divorce process. Learning to accept and being grateful for the good times you had together will open a new door into the future.

New beginnings

When grieving is over, everything will start making more sense. All the days spent crying or thinking about how things could have been different will become a memory and you will start living again. This is the time to enjoy those things you used to enjoy before you got married and to discover yourself once again. Sometimes people lose themselves in relationships. It’s good to be back!

If you have any questions regarding your divorce process, contact SLM Family Law and schedule your initial consultation with family law attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi.

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