Is your ex going on a holiday shopping spree?

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It is difficult for divorcees providing spousal support during the holiday season, and even more frustrating when the former spouse doesn’t get control of his or her spending habits. Unfortunately, if you are the primary breadwinner you are stuck with paying your ex-bills unless an experienced Camarillo spousal support attorney handles your circumstances. Even if your spouse is not a big spender, it can be tough being forced to pay someone that caused you constant headaches over the course of your marriage.

Best ways to avoid spousal support

There are ways to avoid your spousal support responsibilities but you will have to make some adjustments and get familiar with a few legal procedures:

  • Getting a prenup agreement – If you have more money than your future spouse, you should contact a Camarillo prenup agreement attorney.
  • Consider your lifestyle and make some income adjustments before filing for divorce.
  • Quick divorce – Remember the longer you stay married to that person, the more spousal support you will have to provide.
  • Property taxes – Take all the property your former spouse doesn’t want. That means more property taxes and less spousal support.

How is alimony determined?

Some of the most important factors to consider when determining whether to award spousal support include:

  • How old is the former spouse, physical and emotional health?
  • How long the recipient needs to find a job or get adequate training to find one?
  • How long the couple was married?
  • Is the payer spouse able to support someone else?

How long must you provide spousal support?

Spousal support should be provided until the former spouse becomes self-supporting. Sometimes the divorce decree does not include a specific date to terminate spousal support obligations. In such cases, the payer spouse must continue sending the payments until the family court determines a termination date. Once the recipient remarries, the payer is no longer responsible to provide spousal support. Likewise, if the payer spouse dies. However, in some cases, the court may continue providing spousal support from the deceased’s life insurance and estate.

Spousal support trends

While spousal support is generally granted to former wives, the culture has changed a lot over the years. Men can also become the recipient of alimony. There are also new changes to the alimony statute such as the 17-year long-term marriage term and more than seven years for moderate marriages. A short-term marriage should be less than seven years. So alimony may be moderate or durational, based on how long the couple was married.

Reach out to us this holiday season

Don’t allow your former spouse’s conduct ruin your holiday fun! It is crucial you hire an experienced Camarillo spousal support attorney to handle your case. At the Law Offices Stephanie L. Mahdavi, we have the expertise to help you pursue the spousal support that meets your family’s needs. Contact us today and schedule a case assessment to discuss your divorce.

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