Surviving the holidays during divorce

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While the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, it is quite difficult to keep the festive spirit alive when you are filing for divorce. But you can survive this holiday season and expect many more happy years ahead. A Thousand Oaks divorce attorney can make your holidays more enjoyable by protecting and maximizing your legal interests.

Be patient

This is the last thing you want to hear right now. The holidays are very hectic, and it can feel more overwhelming if you are celebrating on your own. Negative emotions can rise to the surface and you may end up becoming the Grinch. Be patient with others and make the most out of your life after divorce.

Adapt to your new situation

This is a time to celebrate but you don’t have to celebrate on a specific day. You can plan your Thanksgiving or Christmas on an earlier or later date if you don’t feel ready to celebrate. You will avoid the crowd at the stores and enjoy a more relaxed holiday season with your kids. Your kids may love the idea of having two holidays, one with mom and one with dad. They enjoy the holidays so why not?

Think about the less fortunate

When you focus on others, you tend to forget yourself and your troubles. You can volunteer at your church or at a center that provides food and clothes to families in need. Amazing things can happen when you focus on making others smile.

The holidays are not about things

While buying presents for everyone feels great, after going through a divorce, you may not have a lot of funds left for gift giving. It’s okay if you can’t buy an expensive present. The best gifts can’t be purchased.

Make yourself happy

It all starts in the mind. Focus on those things that truly matter and find time to relax and detox negative emotions from your life. You and your children deserve to be happy and enjoy the holiday season! Avoid anything that makes you upset, including negative comments from your ex. Don’t dwell on negative hurting you.

Create new holiday traditions

Your life will change dramatically after divorce. Some changes are more enjoyable than others, but you can always make the best out of every situation. Accept what you can’t change, and change your family traditions by creating new ones. If you used to spend Christmas with your former spouse’s family, start spending the holidays with your parents and siblings. It may take a while getting used to the idea, but in a few years, it will become a treasured tradition.

Be the best co-parent you can be

This is not the time to argue with your former spouse. Ask your Thousand Oaks divorce attorney; about how you can make the divorce process less emotional. Keep it simple and stick to the goal. Don’t allow your current circumstances discourage you. A brighter future is waiting for you as well as many merry holidays!

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