Former Spice Girl Melanie B’s complicated divorce

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After ten years of marriage, the Spice Girl had enough and decided to file for divorce. Some things simply come to an end or, in some cases, a dead end. To make matters worst, Mel’s nanny is also suing the star for defamation. The singer had told her nanny was pregnant with her husband and had an abortion. But what happened to the love birds? Apparently, they had an open marriage who allowed their 25-year-old nanny to become part of it. Melanie also alleges her husband abused her and took all her money. As alarming as it might sound, we deal with these types of divorce cases every day. Contact SLM Family law today and speak with a Westlake Village divorce attorney.

Mel’s nanny suing for defamation

Lorraine Gilles, Mel’s former nanny, is tired of false accusations and decided to join the suing crowd by filing a lawsuit against Melanie. She thinks there are just too many lies involved. Mel had accused Lorraine of sleeping with her husband and also stealing money from her. The nanny appears to have control of some sex tapes were featuring Melanie. Belafonte forced Mel and other women to sleep with him or he will release those tapes. Since the nanny is considered a third party in Melanie’s divorce, California’s family laws allow Ms. Gilles to sue.

Domestic violence

Melanie Brown also claimed her husband abused her. It all started the first year they got married. He wanted to make sure she knew he was in charge and often beat her down, punched her, and threatened to destroy her life and career. He eventually got the nanny pregnant and then forced her to have an abortion. Brown is not happy Belafonte is out there doing whatever he wants. She got a restraining order to keep Belafonte, her former husband, away from her and the children. He had to leave the house immediately.

Child custody

Mel wants sole custody of the children. Earlier on, she had said she was pursuing joint custody but apparently she changed her mind. She didn’t know her ex-husband had another domestic violence conviction that prohibited him from carrying a gun. After finding out she got a restraining order to stop Belafonte from contacting her or her children. Mel has 3 kids, one from Eddie Murphy, a teen from another marriage, and a 5-year old from Belafonte. She will allow him to visit the little one but only if the visits are monitored.

Why a divorce attorney

Perhaps your divorce is not as complicated as Mel’s but things can get rough along the way, especially for couples who don’t agree on important terms such as child custody, child support, child visitation, and alimony. You should seek the legal advice of a Westlake Village divorce attorney. The attorney can educate you on important divorce issues. If you need someone to advocate for your rights, contact us today. SLM Law is here for you!

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