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When the tightly wound yarn called ‘family’ begins fraying or completely unravels, the problems that caused such extrication are either easily resolvable, or thrown into complete chaos. Think about your last family argument. Perhaps mom wasn’t being ‘reasonable’ with her responses to decisions you made, or father decided to spend family savings on some outlandish purchase. Was the episode quickly squashed, or did mom secretly hire an expert Westlake Village family law attorney to begin divorce?

The average family kerfuffle doesn’t turn into an all-out civil war. Most are amicably resolved, with lessons being taught or learned from both sides. However, should parents or individuals involved in civil unions find themselves needing family attorney help, there’s just one thing to consider regardless what level your dispute has risen to: Do they understand ‘families’? Without altruism, family lawyers simply ‘go through the motions’.

To know family law, you must know families

First, let’s address your initial thought when ‘attorney’ pops in your mind: I’ll pay lots of money with minimal benefits. Seems logical that if you’re not attuned to courtroom rules and procedures, and haven’t picked up one law book, an attorney (who is heavily immersed in their area of practice) should be hired and paid accordingly. You probably don’t mind paying retainers and hourly fees, but you expect results – not unreasonable, right?

With family law, you’ll find attorneys that know plenty about matters pertaining to child custody, divorce, support, adoption, functions of the guardian ad litem, and modifying orders. It’s their job. But when you’re vetting potential Westlake Village family law attorney firms, does the attorney assigned to your consultation (and possibly your case) know families?

It’s almost impossible to instill passion into one’s practice of family law without understanding ‘the family’. Sure, many exude empathy toward broken homes, children needing their best interests decided by a court or contentious financial matters. It’s all great acting, however, unless the attorney can put themselves in your position and ask, “What would I expect if I hired myself in this awful mess?”

No two families operate similarly. Relationships with children born unto women with no father in sight aren’t going to need the same help, two spouses, splitting after 30 years with millions in marital assets will. The common thread here is understanding that ‘the family’ is a collective of two or more people needing assistance in maintaining their unity. Any family-oriented attorney must put themselves in positions that, although they’ve never experienced, feel they could at any point.

Why should families concern themselves with a family lawyer’s belief system? The deeper one understands families, the higher the quality representation one will receive. Period.

Don’t fear to put any Westlake Village family law attorney through your journey. Look for that spark of passion often residing within their eyes when listening to your life-altering needs. Feel their hunger for improving your family’s currently bleak disposition. When their emotions show an undeniable interest in your situation, you’ll know they’re all about family – and you’ll keep them close.

Remember, it’s ‘family first’

Regardless if attorneys are married, single, have no children or have other personal situations kept exclusive of their practice, they all derived from some family. Maybe their homes were broken, and they vowed to practice law so others wouldn’t experience what they did growing up. Or, perhaps one attorney has the perfect family situation, and want everyone to share in that affinity.

Nothing matters more to parents than their kids, their kids’ kids, and so forth. Therefore, one should only want an unselfish Westlake Village family law attorney that has proven their unparalleled interest in the fabric of ‘family’ and shows their vested interest in your betterment is as strong as yours.

How do you know that lawyer exists? You’ll know it when you feel it.

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