Knowing Divorce Rights May Spare Undue Hardship

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Spouses, regardless of sex, are afforded certain rights during divorce proceedings, and after dissolutions are finalized. Court orders are powerful, with many divorcees asking judges to perform certain actions to protect them from husband or wife. California laws help those who cannot help themselves, in other words.

Both husband and wife may wonder what rights apply equally toward all parties. To avoid hardship in already contentious divorces, your Thousand Oaks divorce attorney may disclose what rights their clients are afforded. Here are some reassurances should you feel uneasy.

Divorcees have the right to financial security

Spouses shouldn’t pack their trucks, clean out bank accounts, and head toward Maine overnight. Many have tried to leave their significant others high and dry, but certain laws protect estranged husbands and wives from absconders with unsavory intentions.

Financial security is everyone’s right. When couples accumulate several houses, 401K retirement accounts, vehicles and bank accounts, there’s no reason why one person should rightfully claim all of it. Sure, whoever has the children may have a greater financial need, but if assets and financial accounts had an equal contribution, there should be an equal distribution.

While it’s easy for one person to take all the money and run, leverage the help offered by your Thousand Oaks divorce attorney so you feel less insecure about financial security.

Parents have the right to equal custody

Just because the parents aren’t staying together, children should have equal access to both mother and father. Short of physical abuse or excessive drugging, many couples are able to amicably set aside differences so children have the benefit of equal parenting time.

Divorces are tough on everyone. There’s no need to make it tougher by putting children through hellish emotions. If you need mediation, there’s an attorney for that. If one spouse could benefit from parenting classes, there are community resources available to help. If schedules need to be flip-flopped so children can enjoy after school visits with one parent, and overnights with another, so are it.

Personal relationships might be unmentionably strained, but don’t pass that stress onto your children by driving a wedge between them and the other parent.

Divorcees have ‘debt equality’ rights

Regardless of how angry your spouse makes you, debt accumulated during the marriage should be equally divided amongst those who signed their name. If the mortgage was signed by both parties, it’s not unreasonable to split mortgage payments in half. Families with two cars with two separate loans should have an equal responsibility to pay one note if they’re assuming possession of one vehicle.

Division of property is an antagonistic subject in divorces, the reason divorcees retain Thousand Oaks divorce attorney assistance.

Avoid pain. Work together when possible

The divorce process is definitely nothing couples looked forward to when they walked down the aisle. But they happen, because sometimes relationships just don’t work.

Your marriage undoubtedly accumulated numerous assets. Instead of treating divorces like a ‘cash grab’ because you’re angry at your ex-spouse, remember this: the fairer you can keep property division, the easier it will be for the other party to make life easier for you.

If you’re unsure of your divorce rights, contact the divorce attorney Thousand Oaks couples in your position trust will level the playing field.

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