Not Getting Child Support? Remember These 3 Things

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We all know what child support is, who benefits and why it’s the noncustodial parent’s responsibility to pay child maintenance costs. You’ll read angry social media posts claiming states are being unjustly enriched by an otherwise broken system. Perhaps you’ve seen absconders post pictures of new boats or cars. Child support is certainly an unplanned paradox of marriage, depending on who you ask.

One thing to remember, though, is child support isn’t optional.

Bringing children into this world isn’t easy, but maintaining a consistent and healthy life for children isn’t something up for discussion, or ideology for future consideration. Children deserve the best life has to offer, period. And along with custodial parents, a Thousand Oaks child support attorney can and will help impute the other parent’s income so they’re paying.

Those not receiving court-ordered support need only remember three (3) things moving forward:

Children have long memories

You’ve alerted support enforcement agency that noncustodial parent isn’t paying. Everything your child is going without stirs up unwarranted feelings of stress as now you’re scrambling to find money to cover expenses supports was supposed to cover. In other words, you’re visually freaking out – and your young child is taking notice, albeit in their own way.

As time goes on, children remember these stressful days. Soon enough, you’ll confide in them why you are (and were) stressing. When children hit adulthood and father starts coming around, they’ll mention all those times when mom was stressed because dad didn’t pay. Indeed, they have long memories.

Civil action leads to possible criminal charges

Any Thousand Oaks child support attorney will undoubtedly do their part to hold nonpaying parents accountable, if retained to do so. State agencies step in, too. Employers, when squeezed, also make sure payroll deductions are properly executed. But when all remedies fail, including suspension of driver’s license and loss of professional licensure, it gets ugly for noncustodial parents.

Utah will only tolerate willful noncompliance for so long. Child support enforcement will use every remedy possible until finally the case gets submitted to the prosecutor for formal charges. In a roundabout way, letting the noncustodial parent know they’re ‘pushing it’ in the nicest way could prevent felonies.

Again, child support isn’t optional

You’re entitled to court ordered support. Period. It’s not unreasonable to ask another person who helped conceive to take responsibility; this shouldn’t be difficult. Often, parents give up trying and two or three side jobs to cover their son’s or daughter’s needs.

Child support isn’t optional. It’s your child’s right.

Let nobody state differently. Take nothing ‘on the side’ or ‘under the table’. Noncustodial wants to drop off diapers and formula? Great! The court sees these as gifts, so you’re not unreasonable to ask again for support to be processed through courts.

Remember, parents

Yes, some systems aren’t perfect. Utah may need laws updated to bring better methods of calculating support, perhaps put programs in motion to help ‘unable’ mothers and fathers find work instead of jail.

Make no mistake, parents. Child support is what two people sign up for when they decide to make children – not just one. If children aren’t being supported, the entire fabric of society may crumble.

Problems getting child support? There are an aggressive child support attorney Thousand Oaks parents like you trust, right around the corner.

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