New Year’s Resolutions For Divorced Parents

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Another year is ending and many parents have great New Year’s resolutions yet only a few can keep up with them. It is best you make New Year’s resolutions that will benefit your family, particularly if you have minor kids. You can have a profound impact on your kids this coming year. Your New Year’s resolutions can include some modifications to your current visitation arrangement or divorce agreement. Whatever situation you are facing, make sure you hire an experienced Thousand Oaks child custody attorney to handle all the legalities.

Spending more time with your children

This is the first and more important resolution. It is possible you spend more quality time with your children. Set aside some uninterrupted time each day to connect with your children. If you are the non-custodial parent, you can text them, Skype them, or simply call them 10 min to remind them how important they are to you. Research proves that children who have regular communication with their parents are more focused and tend to exhibit less negative behavior later on in life.

Routine is everything

While most of us hate routines, they are what hold everything together. Your kids need them and so do you. Kids tend to forget things or avoid responsibilities they don’t enjoy. You can always reward them when they get all the tedious stuff done. Make routine tasks fun. You can post the tasks so that you and your kids are reminded. Make these tasks your top priority and don’t ignore them.

Expect a little less

It is easy to overload your kids with too many instructions. Develop realistic expectations and create a practical to-do list. While it is natural to expect more from your kids because you want them to excel in life, having more balanced and realistic expectations can benefit everyone. It is okay to have less scheduling form time to time and be more spontaneous.


Pick up a book and read it to your children. It is good to turn off the screens once in a while and explain to your children why reading is so important to them. When your children read, they are exposed to so many wonderful things. Besides becoming avid readers, it can also improve their memory, and help them communicate better. It is also fun and entertaining. This is one of those easy and rewarding activities you can implement. Include reading in your New Year’s resolution and you won’t be disappointed.

Game night

Having a family game night is always fun and a special opportunity to bond with your kids. Something as simple as a game can strengthen the family unit and help create lasting memories for your family. There are many games out there. Find the right ones for your family or if your family is more spontaneous, you can always encourage your child’s creative side by creating new games.

Time with family should be every parent’s top priority during the holidays and in the coming year. If you wish to get closer to your kids and would like to create New Year’s resolutions that include and prioritize them, call Thousand Oaks child custody attorney Stephanie L. Mahdavi.

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