Why Romance Loses its Flavor?

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A few tangos can only last for so long. But what happens when the music stops? Will you continue dancing without music? Some will and some won’t. It’s heartbreaking because the relationship you thought it’ll last forever reached a dead end and all you have left is commitment and the kids trying to glue the broken pieces. It happens to many couples after they have been married for a long time. If they don’t water their garden chances are their love will slowly wither. But let’s take a look at some things that may have caused ruptures in your relationship. There are times when marriages are unrepairable and you may need the legal advice of a Westlake Village divorce attorney. Hang on , your ride will get better!

Fast is not always best

Although fast food can be quite satisfying timewise, it’s not rich in nutritional value. After you have eaten a few burgers, you may feel like throwing up. Some people rush into a relationship and that’s a big mistake. You must study your territory before becoming the owner. The nice and glamorous buildings you see out there took time to build. It’s just like  a work of art, the more time you invest on it, the better your final product is.

Too dreamy

Love can sometimes carry you away from reality and reality is everything. It’s all you got at the end of the day. Keep your two feet on the ground and think with your head on your shoulders. Fairytales are good to deceive children but in real life people have flaws you have to deal with them. If you came to the relationship with a realistic view about your partner, your relationship has more chances of survival during a stormy season. But if you are one of those who believe in fairy dust, after all the magic is gone, all you will have left is a sad face and a broken smile.

The real date

Your date may seem like Mr. or Ms. Charming at first, but after you discover his or her dirty secrets, it will not feel that charming any longer. You need to get to know the real person hiding behind that friendly mask. It’s only after you meet his or her darkest side  that you will be able to calculate the lasting probability of your relationship. Let the cream rise to the top. Take your time to explore unknown territory and bring your magnifying glass with you. Don’t marry a stranger. In some cases, you may also need a microscope. Some things take time and proximity to discover.

Too much baggage

Let’s face it. We all carry baggage. It’s part of our journey. But the more you travel the more baggage you will have. In other words, Mr. or Ms. Right may have traveled quite a lot and you may need to help out with carry-ons.

Seek help

If you have lost the romance and have done everything you can to repair your relationship with your spouse, perhaps it’s time you seek expert advice from a Westlake Village divorce attorney.

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