When children don’t want to visit their parents

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It’s common for divorced parents to deal with children who don’t want to visit the other parent. Children have minds of their own. They are independent thinkers and may not consider their parents’ opinions valuable under some specific circumstances. Whatever the reasons for your child’s resistance, you may encounter legal issues along the way if you don’t comply with your visitation schedule. Contact a Westlake Village Visitation attorney to resolve any custody issues you may be experiencing.

Make them go

It’s your responsibility as a parent to encourage your child to spend time with your ex otherwise he or she may think you have influenced your child to act this way. You obviously have to listen to your child’s opinions and ask them how they feel. But your child needs to understand visiting mom or dad is not optional. It’s an obligation. Remember, kids can be moody. Some days they may not feel like going to school or visit their friends. However, if they refuse to visit a parent several times, there may be other issues you will have to deal with. Talk to your ex-spouse about things you can both do as parents to make the child happy with the visitation schedule. Remember visitation is about the child connecting with both parents.

Children are not in charge

Children can become little manipulators. Remember they are not old enough to know what’s best for them. Having a healthy relationship with mom and dad is good for them. If you give your child too much authority and don’t trace healthy boundaries, you will lose your authority and the undiscerning child may engage in negative behavior. Children need both parents’ unconditional love. Talk to your child and inquire about the reasons for refusing visitation.

Solid complaints

When a child complains about your ex, you should kindly tell him or her to mention these things to the parent he is unhappy with. You should not get involved unless it’s a serious issue that may require your intervention and the counsel of a Westlake Village Visitation attorney. Whatever you do, don’t become an accomplice or allow your child to disrespect the other parent.

When your child is a teen

Teens are more mature to make decisions but they still need to connect with both parents. It can be upsetting for both parents to deal with a difficult teen. However, as long as both parents support each other, the teen will have to cope with reality and stop blaming a parent for his or her visitation refusal.

You may need an attorney

If things are not getting any better, perhaps it’s time to hire an attorney. Visitation issues can create emotional strife in the family and affect everyone. It’s important that you protect the interests of your child, even when this means doing something against their will. A Westlake Village family law attorney will evaluate your case and will explain the options available for your specific visitation case.

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