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Parental relocation can introduce a huge change in to your children’s lives. No matter what the age, when you attempt to relocate your children, their world falls apart. Remember children tend to get attached to their childhood home. This is the place where they grew up and where all their memories are. But sometimes relocations are necessary. It’s just part of the deal and you need to stay positive. Whatever you do, make sure you contact a Westlake Village relocations attorney to help you with all the legalities involved.  Parental relocation is often a product of unresolved family issues that may need the legal intervention of an experienced family law attorney.

What is parental relocation all about?

This is when a parent decides to relocate the child. The reasons for doing this could be many. From financial reasons to keeping some distance from a problematic ex-partner, divorced parents  may think this is the right solution. However, they may not be aware of all the potential legal issues involved as well as how this move will affect their children emotionally.

Keep your motives right

Sometimes the motives for moving out are not exactly the right ones. If all you want is to keep your children away from your ex, the court will definitely say no to your request to relocate. Remember it’s all about the child’s best interests. Good parents will always understand that children need both parents when growing up. Some problems such as costly litigation, a lot of resentment, and conflict between partners will arise with the relocation and you need to be prepared to handle them. If your motives are not right, you will have less possibilities with the court. Whatever you do, focus on your children and how your relocation can improve their future.

How residential mobility will impact your child

Parental relocation can increase conflict and stress. The noncustodial parent will feel resentful towards the custodial parent for keeping the children away. But the ones truly affected by residential mobility are the children:

  • Parental relocation can be emotionally trying for kids. Kids have friends in school and a life of their own. When relocating, these children are forced into a new environment they are not familiar with, and everything dear to them is left behind.

  • Kids who relocate are more likely to suffer from psychological issues in the future including fatigue, stress, depression, and sleeping disorders.

When relocation is necessary

If you have already considered the best interests of your children and you think relocating is the right thing to do, it’s time to take the next step. Even if you have found your dream job, in California you have to notify the noncustodial parent at least 45 days in advance. The noncustodial parent can either consent or reject your request. If the noncustodial parent refused to consent, you will have to file a court petition requesting permission to relocate.  Things can get complicated from this point forward as the noncustodial parent may request that the court denies the petition. He or she may argue it was not made in the child’s best interests. Contact a Westlake Village relocations attorney to fight for your rights.

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