Child Support is More Than Just Money

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Many parents become worried about their children’s financial well-being and forget what’s truly important. When it comes to child support, most parents believe that sending the payments is enough. While it is a requirement under state law, there is more to it.

Sharing responsibilities in parenting

Being a parent is more than mailing a check. Recent research shows that the shared parenting model is not a reality for most divorced couples. Children tend to adjust better after a divorce when their parents assume full responsibility for their upbringing. The same is true for parents who continue being involved in their children’s lives. Also, when you spend more time with your children and plan new activities with them, you open the doors for your relationship to grow and become stronger. Children, who see both parents getting involved, grow to become healthier adults.

The main focus

Most states focus on child support enforcement instead of parent engagement. There should be new rules constructed around parent engagement as well. Money is just a small percentage of the many responsibilities parents have. Children should receive something more than payments for child support. They should feel they could count on both parents anytime.

Some things child support may cover

  • Basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter.
  • Medical care – Children need medical benefits and parents are responsible to cover these expenses whether they are insured or uninsured.
  • Education – Even in public schools children have to buy many school-related items such as uniforms, textbooks, tuition, tutors and so on.
  • Childcare – After School care can be costly. Even if you are lucky to have someone in your family to take care of your children while you are at work, you will have to pay for food, and other childcare-related expenses.
  • Transportation – This is essential to take your children to school and extracurricular activities such as field trips, games, etc.
  • Entertainment – Children deserve to have fun. It is their time to explore the world. Whether that includes visits to a movie theater, the Internet, television, camping trips, or amusement parks, it is important for healthy development.
  • College expenses – You can save money so that your child’s college expenses are paid for.

Some things child support doesn’t cover

  • Spending enough time with your children
  • Encourage them to take challenges in life.
  • Helping them with their homework.
  • Teaching them how to handle disappointment.
  • Teaching them how to cook.
  • To work hard and do the right thing even when nobody’s watching.
  • To become strong.
  • To understand and love others but never allow anybody to take advantage of them.

These and a million other things will make your children better people. This is what the world needs and not your checks. Call a Thousand Oaks child support attorney today if you need help with that or any family law matter.

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