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Being a single parent is never easy and much less when your former spouse decides to move abroad. It can happen when one of the parents is from another country. Business people and military couples also fit into this category. Due to their many responsibilities, they may also suffer this fate. But what can you do when your children are heartbroken and you quit yours in order to become a super parent?

Super parenting can be draining, especially if you haven’t ready for the obvious. Some things you can keep in mind:

Find out about after care programs so you have that extra time after work to catch up on chores, take a nap; pay your bills, or any other important thing pending.

Ask for clear visit times and plan ahead of time. You will have to adjust to your ex’s visitation schedule. Whether your former spouse lives overseas or in a distant state, it is only fair that the children are available for the fixed visitation schedule.

Babysitters are lifesavers. You may not feel comfortable with the idea now but watch when all the responsibilities piled up. Fatigue will affect your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Ask your friends for help. Some friends may offer to take care of your kids so you can rest. Don’t take too long to reply because it might not happen again.

Prepare for the unexpected. Be open to change. After all, change is inevitable, especially when a parent lives in another country. You must adapt to the new circumstances and be flexible.

Prep ahead of time

While it is true tasks can fall through the cracks no matter how prepared you are, not planning adequately can make matters worse. When you develop a system that includes rest time for yourself, you become more productive. Yes, it will be an emotional roller coaster but when you prep ahead of time, you will be able to enjoy the ride!

Help your children cope

Your children need some time to adapt to the new schedule. There are times when a Skype call may replace playtime. It can be overwhelming for your kids to cope with anxiety. They become anxious before every phone call. It is hard to adapt to an unstable routine, and also knowing that a parent will not be there all the time.

We can make it better

Family law is not easy to navigate on your own. This is why being informed about your legal options ahead of time can make all the difference in the world. If you are co-parenting and also facing an array of relocation challenges, ask a Thousand Oaks parental relocation attorney how you can improve your situation. Attorneys know the best approach to these types of situations. Call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation. No challenge is too great if you are prepared to handle it. Relocation can affect the whole family, especially your children. You need to be armed with the legal resources to handle this challenging situation.

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