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When you and your former spouse finalized your divorce, you probably made agreements on important issues such as child visitation, child support, and spousal support. These are important agreements that reflect what both divorcees want. But there is more to the story than the eye can see. Under certain circumstances, issues related to your children can be modified. The aspects of property division, however, can’t be changed except in very rare cases. So when parents of minor children get divorced, it is common for them to change their divorce decree multiple times.

Modifications to the divorce decree

It is common for parents who need changes to court orders to make modifications to their divorce decree. Parents can make changes that will benefit their children yet they are still responsible for the duties and rights included in the initial agreement until the court has approved it. For example, parents may agree on lowering child support yet until the court approves it, the entire amount of child support must be paid as agreed. Parents must present these facts to the judge and the court will determine whether the agreement can be modified.

Custody modifications

Parents generally know what’s best for the children. For instance, if one of the homes becomes insecure, the schedule can be changed to keep the child safe. Schedules can also change with relocation. Your attorney can convince the court whether moving out is in the child’s best interest.

Child support modifications

Your children’s needs tend to change as they grow up. Also, a parent can experience financial challenges that may interfere with his or her ability to provide child support. An experienced Westlake Village divorce modifications attorney can help with the whole process.


When a parent loses a job or receives a major raise, he may qualify for a spousal support modification. Also, there are times when one of the parents remarries and he may not need financial support any longer.

Common reasons to request a modification

Change in income – Your finances are a major factor to determine whether you qualify for child support or alimony modification.

Problems with substance abuse – Parents struggling with drug or alcohol abuse don’t provide a stable environment to raise children. So the court generally grants a modification under such circumstances.

Call us today and find out about your options

Even after a divorce has been finalized, there may still be a chance to modify some aspects of your divorce agreement. If your circumstances have significantly changed, and you believe you may qualify for a modification, a Westlake Village divorce modifications attorney can help you take the next steps and ensure that your rights are fully protected.

To learn more about modifications and how they can improve your family life, call us today and schedule a confidential meeting with a family law attorney.

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